Which Should I Choose? Curtains or Blinds?

Window coverings are one of the most underrated yet essential part of a home. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but they offer great privacy and it is highly functional; curtains and blinds are extremely useful in controlling the amount of sunlight from entering a home. This is especially beneficial especially if your home often has to face strong sun rays. If you are wondering which window shade is more suitable for your home, you can actually consult a Curtains and blinds Singapore specialist to help you decide which of these window shade will suit your home in Singapore. In this article, we will discuss the different factors that you should think about before deciding if you should buy a curtain or blind for your home.


The first thing that you have to think about is the interior design and furnishings in your home. Curtains are great to achieve a vintage vibe and it is easy to create a nice minimalistic environment with the help of this window shade. For curtains, it really depends on the fabric and material that you are going for. Rich fabric materials will help you achieve a contemporary look, while light sheer fabrics can help to achieve a nice warm and light vibe to your place. The trouble here is that there is a wide range of fabric for you to choose from.

For blinds, blinds can easily be paired with modern furniture. In addition, light coloured blinds are becoming a trend nowadays and it helps to achieve a nice Scandinavian look. It has a clean-cut look.


In general, curtains are more affordable compared to blinds. In general fabrics are more affordable compared to blinds that are made out of wood or plastic. In addition, installing a curtain can be easier compared to installing a blind, and thus that adds up to the overall cost. However, the price will really depends on the type of fabric used as well. One quick tip that you can consider is to go for faux silk curtains instead of natural silk. Ready-made curtains are also cheaper relatively to custom made curtains, however, getting a ready-made curtain would mean you have to risk that it may not fit as well on your windows. For blinds, if you are not going for the motorized blinds, getting a vinyl blind is more affordable compared to textured blinds.


It is easier to maintain a curtain as you would just need to take it down and wash it. Do ask your curtain supplier on how you should go about cleaning your curtains as not every fabric suitable to be placed inside the washing machine.

Blinds accumulate dust easily and thus each slat has to be cleaned manually. Curtains however, depending on the fabric might fade over time, and blinds are less susceptible to fading.


In terms of functionality, thick curtains can really do the job of blocking sunlight almost completely from entering the house. A black out curtain is one of those types that does the job well. Curtains can also do that job, however they do not have that much control compared to blinds.

All in all, it is important that you think about the suitability and sustainability of the window shade that you are going to choose for your home.