Tips to find and fix a leaking roof

Are you sick and tired of a leaking roof? Or do you find yourself having to always deal with a roof leakage? Here we will provide some tips on how you can track down a leaking roof and fix common types of roof leakages.

If you have a leaking roof, and you are not able to mitigate the damages or contain the leakages, then you should consider getting it fixed immediately. Call a roofing leak repair specialist and get them to inspect your area and get the leak fixed right away. Overtime, a small leak can lead to bigger problems and cause your home’s environment to worsen quickly.

Look For Roof Penetrations

The first thing that you can do is to look at your exterior roof and track the leakage. Look for any possible roof penetrations. Penetrations on the roof can be through the pipes, roof vents, chimneys, etc. They can even be near the leakage, which means that you would also need to make sure that these items are working well. Look for water stains, brown markings or mould. Do ensure that your safety is paramount and thus try avoiding going onto the roof especially if the weather is harsh.

Do A Test

If you are unable to view the penetrated areas, then you can simple do a manual test. However this requires two people to do the job. Get someone to go up to the roof with a hose and start soaking different areas and get the other person to observe where the leak appear in the house. Let the hose run for at least 5 to 10 minutes before progressively moving to other areas of the roof. This process can take a long time, thus do be prepared to work hard for this. You can observe other areas such as the chimney, vents, gutter and shingles.

Fix Vent Boot

If you notice that it is your roof’s plumbing vent boots that has a cracked and is causing the leakage, you would need to buy a new vent boot to replace the existing vent boot. If only the nails are missing and your boot is still in good shape, then find the necessary parts of the boot and get them replaced. A spoilt roof vent has no way of being repaired. Usually you would really need to just get it replaced.

Use Caulk or Waterproofing Solution

Caulk can be useful to repair existing roof flashing as it acts as a type of sealant and leak stopper. Caulk however is only useful for small cracks and holes. Small holes are easy to fix as you can simply inject caulk in the whole.

Call A Professional

Lastly, if you have already tried all the various methods to stop a leakage, and yet your roof is still leaking. It is really time that you call a professional to do a proper diagnosis and get to the root of the problem. Getting a professional to solve your problem immediately can actually be more cost-effective in the long run as you would have prevented various water leakage problems that would require more effort to carry out the fixing.

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