Which Decorative Accents Should You Add to Your Bay and Bow Windows?

If you’re looking for a stylish and decorative way to make the rooms in your home more welcoming, it may be best to add a bay or bow window to the space. These windows make a room appear larger and more open, and there are several ways to add accents to the windows that will make the final product completely original.

Roman blinds are a great way to accent bow and bay windows. If you want to use the same pattern for all three of the windows, you’ll have to get measurements for each of the windows so that the blinds will look like one collective piece. Of course, you can also use three separate designs for the windows so that you can use a contrast of patterns and colors that will bring the entire look of the room together. For instance, if flowers and stripes are the decorative theme of the room, blinds that showcase these designs. This contrasts well against neutral or pastel colored walls.

It’s important to keep lighting in mind when you’re including a bow or bay window in a room. A large chandelier-style light is usually a great choice to be positioned on the ceiling in front of the windows to look as though the light is in the middle of the windows. The chandelier can bring more attention to the windows during the evening hours after the sun has gone down.

A sitting area that is near the windows also makes the space more appealing and draws your eye to this portion of the room. If you have the bay windows in your room, you can place a rocking chair or chaise in front of the window and add decorative pillows or a throw blanket. If the bow window is in the kitchen, you can place a small breakfast table near the window space or have a bench installed in the window space. When there is seating by the bow or bay window, you’ll have more room to entertain guests, and a relaxing place to read your favorite books or listen to music while you enjoy the natural sunlight.

Of course, you can also keep it elegant and simple by dressing the windows with coordinating curtains. If you want to make sure that you can block out all light while you’re sleeping, curtains made from thick material are best. Sheer curtains are ideal if you want to make sure that you still get some natural light in the room, even during the early evening hours. You can also have hooks installed on either side of the windows so you can pull the curtains back with ribbon or cord to let the natural light in.

Before you decide on the bay or bow windows that will be best for your living space, talk to an interior designer who can tell you which colors and materials are best for curtains and furniture pieces that will go on or around the windows. A trusted contractor is also necessary to make sure that the windows are installed correctly and according to your design vision and specifications.

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