A Common Plumbing and Heating Issue with Solution

Proper maintenance of your heating and cooling unit can keep it functional for years. However, you may have to deal with certain issues from time to time, and though it is better to ask a plumbing and heating specialist to fix the problem, you can certainly try your own knowledge and save some money. Sometimes, minor issues can look like serious problems, but you can correct those issues with little assistance. You just need to identify the underlying cause first.

Many people complain about their cooling unit not working efficiently. If it is not cooling properly and has long compressor cycle, it might be due to a worn-out compressor. You need to consider for how long you have been using your heating and cooling unit. In case it has been very old and has a long “on” cycle of the compressor, you should think of having its compressor changed. Old compressors sometimes become weak and fail to compress refrigerant properly. The best thing to resolve this issue is to call a plumbing and heating specialist so they could have a closer look at the compressor and check it for its performance. You might need to replace the compressor if it is faulty.

In case you are dealing with a short-cycling compressor, you may have to look for answers in different places. Sometimes, a compress may turn off and on quite frequently. If this is the case with your compressor, it could be due to an obstructed thermostat. Moreover, the same issue could be the result of iced coils, a leaking refrigerant, or an oversized cooling system. To fix the issue, you will have to pinpoint the issue first. First, go check the thermostat. Ensure that there is no obstruction in the thermostat. Now, have a look at the condenser fins – you will find the part in the outside condensing unit. Ensure that the fins are completely clean – they should not be excessive bent either. If the fins are bent, you can use a fin comb to correct them.

Sometimes, the air filter is the root cause of trouble. A dirty air filter will fail to function properly and directly affect the performance of your heating and cooling unit. Simply replacing the filter may save you from calling in a plumbing or heating company for assistance. Refrigerant leaks and incorrect refrigerant charge can also affect the performance of the unit, but you should ask a technician to confirm this for you.

The fact of the matter is that regular maintenance can keep your heating and cooling unit in mint condition, but an old unit may cause several problems. You need to bear in mind sometimes minor issues can keep your unit from functioning properly. However, you cannot always handle complicated issues on your own, and that is when you should hire a specialist only. A plumbing and heating company can lend a helping hand here and ensure that you do not have to experience any discomfort because of your malfunctioning unit. Just take your time and ensure that you have selected the most reputable service provider.

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