The Procedure for Graffiti Removal

A problem that is often debated nowadays is that of what is the best procedure when removing graffiti. I would say that removing graffiti from surfaces have different procedures and ways. Therefore, the way graffiti is to be removed depends upon the different factors. These factors may include:

          • The size of the graffiti
          • Type of graffiti (carving or painting)
          • Available material

Keeping the above points in mind, we can now see the different procedures that are common.  After reading the information below, note that the procedures explained depend on the method used to remove the graffiti.

Therefore, each method of graffiti removal below has been explained to give a better insight and understanding.


Among the options of removal, we have repainting the surface.  The steps to repainting graffiti are easy to follow since you only have to apply paint on top of the graffiti. It works best on graffiti that is on painted on flat surfaces. If the surface area is big or the height is too high the best option is to seek a professional. 

Therefore, if you decide to repaint it on your own, you should first get the right color for the surface.  I would recommend a color that is same as the background surface. Also remember to use a product that is paint resistant.

Chemical Method

For this option the procedure highly depends on the surface material. As a result, it is recommended to read the description of the compound before using it.

When considering the kind of material that is best you should consider:

        • Rough or soft texture
        • Metal or glass
        • Weathered material

In the case of weathered surfaces, the chemicals will tend to spread the paint into the cracks and other areas. Additionally, never use a corrosive chemical compound on a metal surface, it will damage the metal.

When applying the chemical make sure to be safe and use it correctly, according to the instructions provided. Some of the ways that you can apply the chemical is wiping, spraying and washing.

Washing and Brushing Method

This may be the cheapest method but it can also be cumbersome if the graffiti is big.  Before washing you should find out if the paint is water resistant. If not, proceed to wash and use the brush to remove the tough areas. When washing with water use a detergent that has no corrosive property to the surface.


If it is too difficult to clean with the examples written above, it is recommended to get professional help on graffiti removal. Additionally, they have experience and the procedures used to ensure the best end results.

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