What’s Coming With You on Your Move?

Moving to a new home is exciting, but the nitty-gritty of the process? Not so much. As a matter of fact, it’s downright tedious and stressful. Packing is a lot of work, and it doesn’t matter if you’re simply moving next door. You’d still have to go through the whole rigmarole.

Most people are forced to declutter before they move. If you’re relocating, you’ll have to go through the standard sorting. Depending on the options you make for yourself, you can divide your possessions into these groups: bring, toss, sell/donate, and – possibly – store.

What Kind of Move Are You Making?

Your decluttering effort is often guided by the type of move you have to make. Moves are generally categorized into these three.


If it’s a local move, it is more likely you will be able to keep more of your belongings, since transporting them wouldn’t be as hard. Notwithstanding that, decluttering and downsizing are still called for.

2. Interstate

If you’re moving to another state, you’d probably be inclined to leave behind large bulky items that are cheaper to replace. Not only will they cost a lot to move, they might also not survive the long haul.


If you’re moving to another country, you might end up limiting yourself to bringing just your favorite personal possessions. If you intend to come back, using a removals and storage company makes sense. If you’re migrating, then selling or donating your large pieces is the way to go.

How Do You Value Your Things?

How attached are you to your things? Your possessions have value to you in varying ways and degrees. At the end of the day, their value to you would be your gauge for keeping or letting them go.

What are the different values that an object may have?


There are things so precious that they just can’t have a price placed on them. Some of these are family heirlooms, items with special significance, personal favorites, etc.

Some minimalists will tell you that “sentimental value” is part of hoarder language, but not everybody wishes to be a minimalist, and their standards don’t have to be yours. If you can’t let go of something because it means so much to you, then keep it, by all means.


If something is very useful to you, there is very little prudence in selling it just to buy its equivalent when you move. It’s different, of course, if selling your current item means you get the opportunity to upgrade.

Here’s a short checklist for determining an item’s practical value to you.

  • Is it necessary and often used?
  • Is it fully functional?
  • Is it convenient and comfortable to use?
  • Is it hardy and low-maintenance?
  • Is it in very good condition?


There are things that appreciate in value over time or are just intrinsically valuable. Obviously, these are part of your nest egg and need to be taken with you.

You may also have expensive items that will cost more now to replace, high quality items that are rare, art pieces, antiques, and collector’s items. These are worth your while to take with you. Just make sure you’re covered by removals insurance in case something untoward happens.

Which Items Should You Toss Without a Second Thought?

The point of decluttering before a move is to decrease the number of items to pack and transport. As well as lightening the load for your removalist company, it may reduce your moving costs.

What are the items that you should consider selling or donating?

  • Cheap, flimsy furniture that probably won’t survive the trip
  • Old movies, games, and toys in outdated format
  • Unused kitchen appliances
  • Pots and pans that need to be replaced
  • Books that you don’t read anymore
  • Faded bedding that may still be useable

Why Is Decluttering Timely During a Move?

When you start to pack, you’ll get to handle and inspect all of your things, so you might as well grab the chance to toss out what you won’t need when you move to your new home. Besides this, decluttering before a move is a great way to save time and money in this typically involved and expensive process.


Robert Wise, Sales Administration Manager at Nuss Removals, has been a respected figure in the removals industry for over 20 years. His attention to detail and the ability to truly understand the needs of the customer have ensured the successful relocation of thousands of satisfied individuals and families. For moving and storage across Australia and around the world, Robert’s wealth of experience ensures his customers are in safe hands.

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