What You Understand About Window Repair

For a faulty window, it is important that you should know when and how to repair it.  On the other hand, just because minor damage doesn’t involve heavy work doesn’t mean it should be taken lightly. Poorly carried out or late repairs can make your joinery defective irreversibly. To repair your windows correctly and quickly, here is the essence of what you need to know on the subject!

When To Repair A Window?

If you have a failure or technical problem with your joinery, it is not always easy to choose between repair and replacement. In general, when the frame (fixed part) or the opening (moving part) is damaged to the point of allowing air, cold, and humidity to pass through, replacement of your windows is necessary. But when the problem only concerns part of the carpentry, the repair is sufficient, provided that your window is not dilapidated!

Reasons to repair your window

  • The gasket is worn out
  • Bad hinges
  • The glaze is broken
  • Damaged accessories or small hardware parts (shutters, handle, hinge, rail, etc.)
  • The problem between the patio door and the track
  • The mechanism of opening and closing is bad

Light Leaks

In addition, windows have a limited lifespan: 15 years for wooden windows, 25 to 30 years for aluminum windows, and more than 30 years for PVC windows. As for hinges, hinges, and locks, they must be replaced every 5 to 10 years!

To extend the life of your windows and reinforce the insulation and security of your home, you need to maintain it always.

How To Repair Or Unblock A Window?

Whether it is your windows (fixed, tilt-and-turn, sliding, etc.) or your patio doors, any failure in the product leads to appropriate intervention:

If your window is scratched, glass wool or ash may be enough to reduce the depth of the scratches. On the other hand, a cracked window loses its insulating and reassuring function, lets moisture rush into your home, and can cause irreversible water infiltration: in this case, replacement is in order!

Hire A Professional For Window Repair

If you are a handyman, you have the necessary equipment and knowledge; you can repair your carpentry and window sill repair independently. But, if this is not the case, you can also choose to call on a qualified artisan, depending on the part of the carpentry concerned:

  • A carpenter for the frame or joints
  • A glazier for the glazing, the braces
  • A locksmith for the handle or the locks

A company specializing in renovation for carpentry as a whole.

By calling on an RGE-certified craftsman (Recognized Guarantor of the Environment) such as Apex Window Werks for instance, you are sure to undertake repair work in compliance with the standards in force. In addition, the craftsman can intervene quickly in carpentry since he has all the necessary skills and repair equipment.

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