How To Choose Wall Art For The Living Room

The living room is a realm of life, it’s a place to meet all together, talk, discuss things, and just have fun. The style of the living room sets the tone for the whole space and thus, requires proper thought while planning. 

One of the best ways to make the living room talk to people is to introduce a few pieces of art, which benefit the space in many ways:

1. Character in the room

Wall art for living room can make the focal point of the space, an eye-catcher, attracting the attention of everyone entering the space. It can define the overall style of the place, complementing the modernity or classics, simplicity or complexity of the idea.  

Any piece of art chosen for the room reveals the inner world of personality, mindset, and attitude to life. As long as the living room often welcomes guests, it’s better to avoid very personal stuff and side with something more general and neutral like nature, wildlife, or abstract thing.

3. Balance

A properly chosen work of art can create color balance with other things in the room, creating perfect visual pairs – with a sofa, a rug, cushions, a chair, etc. Such matching can complete any design idea.

4. Conversation starter

Wall art is a helping hand for everyone struggling with small talk. It’s a great way to start a conversation and then let it go with the flow. If the piece of art has a famous author, it’s worth checking some details about his life, so as not to seem ignorant. Discussions about art bring about a lot of information about the person: a vision of life, attitude to various things, and perception of the world around us. Moreover, it helps to avoid dangerous topics about personal life, politics, and religion.

5. Creativity with stability

Oftentimes, the living room may be designed in calm tones, with pale colors, letting the decor do all the talking. The versatility of wall art gives everyone a chance to bring changes to the space. While the basis always stays the same (you can’t do renovation every few months), pieces of art can change the atmosphere according to the seasons, events in life, or even your mood – any time you crave changes.

How to choose the proper placement for the pieces of wall art?

After deciding on the pattern, it’s time to choose the right position, otherwise, it will not function the way you need it and just get lost in space.

1. Positioning

First of all, define the wall, the one that is visible from any side. Every item you add to the wall should benefit the whole space, be the topping for the decor, not just be hanging somewhere close to the angle, looking like clutter. 

Besides, the artwork should get enough light, thus, plan some accent lighting as well. 

The wall arts influence greatly the overall perception of the room, therefore, the colors matter as well. It can be a contrasting part of the decor, being vivid and bright; or just a complementing piece of the big picture.

3. The size

The size of the artwork is crucial: if it’s too small – it doesn’t convey any message and just hangs there as a piece of bric-a-brac. If it’s too big, it doesn’t seem to be appropriate either. Balance is always the best choice. If the artwork is paired with the furniture or hangs above it, the size shouldn’t go bigger than 2/3 of the size of the furniture.

Wall art is always beneficial for living spaces, it is a real game-changer in setting the character of the place. Original pieces of art help to bring a touch of uniqueness and your personality. It also gives a chance for big changes in the atmosphere of the living room, just by switching the picture. 

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