Buying Natural Stones For Interior And Exterior

Before purchasing natural stones from Stone Center for example, it is important to consider Do I need natural stone for a wall or a floor? Interior or exterior natural stones? For which room? What style do I want to give to my interior or my exterior?

Buying Natural Stones Guarantees Unique Quality

Natural stones are stones made from natural rocks extracted in quarries. They are, therefore, natural and noble materials that have always been a reference in construction and interior and exterior design. Natural stones offer incomparable quality. They are resistant, robust, and durable over time, and their maintenance is easy. Their aesthetic character is unique in terms of appearance: colors, shades, and textures. They furnish any interior and exterior with style. Learn about Full Bed Stone Veneer vs Thin Stone Veneer here.

Buying Natural Stone Guarantees You Unparalleled Aesthetic Qualities And Physical Properties

Purchase of natural stones adapted to your development project

For your purchase of natural stone, you will have the choice between several types of stone:

Granite is an extremely resistant and very hard stone. It is non-porous and, therefore, suitable for indoor and outdoor use: granite floors, granite worktops, granite paving, granite terraces, etc. It will give a very modern look to your space.

Travertine-type limestone has varied characteristics and more or less roughness. Travertine adapts to different uses: travertine bathroom walls, living room flooring, travertine pool copings, and travertine tiles. It is a stone with warm tones that will give a cozy look to your interior or exterior.

Sandstone is very hard stone resistant and perfectly suited to outdoor landscaping: swimming pool copings, terraces, or sandstone garden paths.

Marble is a historical natural stone that brings a lot of style and character to an interior: marble living room floors or kitchen floors, worktops, stairs, etc.

Slate, or natural stones in schist, is a material that has the advantage of having good thermal conductivity. This stone will be ideal for a living room floor or a facing wall.

The flamed finishes make it possible to give the stone a rough surface and bring a beautiful cachet. They are intended to be placed outdoors.

The brushed finishes offer a smoother appearance and help prevent any possible soiling

The laminated finishes add streaks to the stone giving it an authentic note

Distressed finishes give the impression that the stone has been laid for a long time and provide a very rustic look

Polished finishes soften the grain of the stone and enhance its color. They are intended for indoor installation.

It is important to choose a natural stone specialist who guarantees you the best possible quality at the best price.

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