What you should look for in a Smart Fence

When you consider building a smart fence to protect your property, there are some important things to take into consideration. For example what is the purpose is it to protect against and deter trespassers or to secure the property. Is it to give you peace of mind or to give you an early notification of a violation of your security?

When you look to deploying a Smart Fence then you should think about whether it is to be deployed in a private home or in a business environment. It makes a huge difference as the technology can work both for you and against you.

If you are using a smart fence for business purposes for example to protect remote assets if you are a mobile network operator then using smart technology makes sense. The technology can provide you with early warning and alerts to intrusion and trespass. It might not be a huge way to prevent vandalism or indiscriminate damage but the threat of cameras that record the actions can always be used to identify the perpetrators.

This is why any smart Fence must have cameras located at every segment as they are not expensive now but they do act as a severe deterrent to willful and senseless vandalism. A camera is also necessary because if you are remotely monitoring the area then you will need to connect and log in to see what is actually going on in real time. It might be that you miss the action but there will always be the play back so you can provide the police or the authorities with the evidence.

Another, sensor that is vital to a Smart Fence is a motion detector. Initially this might sound quite strange as in the night many animals come out to play and can trigger that detector. However with most Smart Fence solutions they have underpinning algorithms that can determine what is a fox pawing at a fence and a deer bumping up against it. Furthermore the algorithm also can tell the difference between badgers trying to tunnel beneath the fence or in some cases an animal like a squirrel trying to climb the fence from normal human like behavior.

So what do you need to detect early intrusion and violation of your privacy? Well the most important sensors are motion and accelerometers as they will trigger an alert if there is any strange movement or vigorous shaking of the fence wire. More importantly they will trigger the cameras to focus on the area of disruption and capture video evidence of the breach as it takes place. Importantly the cameras can scan the area to track movement so can follow the suspect even after they have breached the perimeter fence.

Another facility that you need is remote access so that you can connect via your browser and view the scene as it develops – after all there is no better evidence than to witness the crime on camera as it happens.

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