Tree Topping: A Few Causes of Concern

Trees are a necessity of our living, but when trees begin harming our property, we just simply think about their topping. Topping is a process in which quite large branches of a mature tree are trimmed drastically. The major branches are trimmed to stumps and tree is cut off like a hedge. It is also called stubbing, heading, and dehorning. Tree stubbing may pose the whole tree to smash, and it may also pose severe damage to your property. Therefore, you should hire an expert arborist Toronto for removing the unwanted tree.  

Why are trees topped?

There might be many reasons for topping trees as described below:

  • When the tree grows too high and is considered unsafe.
  • When the tree has touched the electrical wires and causing interference.
  • Sometimes, tree is topped to prevent it from falling in the storm.

Which method of tree topping could harm your trees?

  • Removing too many leaves: When you remove too many leaves from the, it may harm the tree.
  • Limbs are cut too short: When the limbs are cut drastically and left too short, they may cause disease, decay and insect infestation.

Consequences of tree topping in future


  • Starvation


When too many leaves removed from the tree, it stops the roots from growing and transmitting enough nutrients and water to its leaves and the tree starts starving.


  • Insects And Disease


Topping poses large wounds to the tree that may not close with the passing time and as a result the tree gets disease, decay and insect infestation.


  • Weak limbs


After the tree topping, the tree tends to produce fresh limbs in the next few months, and they may not sturdy enough to handle the storms.


  • Rapid new growth


People usually believe that the topped tree may stop growing, but the opposite happens. The topped tree may grow too much and more long sprouts than the past which further create problems in future.


  • Tree death


There are many species of trees that do not bear topping like Beeches. The topping of a beech tree removes its ability to capture sunlight and the tree may lead to the death.

If you do not know the right method to cut a tree or topped a tree, you should get in touch with the arborist Toronto. The arborist will help you in finding the right way to trim the branches safely.


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