What You Need to Know About Villa Interior Design

You will want to make instant and arbitrary decisions on many issues while implementing the interior design of your villa. With the logic that makes it up as you go along, you will leave some things for later, right? You have to be sure that all this will come back as an additional cost to your budget. I’m not even talking about wasting time. Wouldn’t you like to make your dream design fun and planned instead of dealing with unnecessary additional costs, waste of time and sullen faces of your teammates?

So, let’s see how the interior design of the villa should be, what stages should we pay attention to, the details that need to be known in order to obtain the interior designs of your dreams, and the details that villa owners should pay attention to. How should we continue the process without reducing the cost and time loss…

First of all, you need to determine what kind of interior designer you should work with in interior design. One of the important things you need to know in interior design is the interior; It is necessary to keep the connection between the general architectural structure and design of this project and the management process strong and to carry out these steps with each other. It is necessary to start by carrying out both interior and architectural construction projects of villa interior designs in parallel as a whole.

Furnishing work is carried out on layout and furniture placement during the interior of the villa. Starting indoor work ahead of time helps to minimize wasted time. At the same time, providing the information you think about interior design in constant dialogue with your designer allows you to avoid irreversible designs and costly implementations.

Before starting the project, the conversation and detailed information provided by your designers team will help you to learn early on how many areas the villa has; such as the facade, terrace, roof, basement, balcony and the other participants of the project etc.

It provides a great advantage in adjusting your budget and prevents you from financial losses. You can take a look at Algedra Interior Design projects to minimize these negativities.

In interior designs that are not made in conjunction with architectural design and interior design, renovations in building and design often cause homeowners to waste time and money, and the renewal of the areas you have already decided can be a bit annoying.

Therefore, the main stages to be decided in villa interior design should be:

  • Floor covering, parquet selection, color and texture features
  • Insulation material to be used in wall covering,
  • Wallpaper, paint, color and texture properties
  • Ceiling designs and materials, texture features
  • Socket, switch groups and lighting selections
  • Fixed furniture such as doors, built-in wardrobes, kitchen, bathroom furniture
  • Bed, coffee table, sofa, dining table and design of furniture, color and texture features
  • Ladder design
  • Elevator
  • Terrace structure
  • Transitions of parts and spaces such as living room, bathroom, bedroom, children’s room
  • Design of special areas such as sauna, spa, pool, garden, sports, game, study room, cinema room.
  • Air conditioning selections
  • Roof and underground insulations
  • Garden irrigation, lighting and landscaping
  • Car park

This style of villa interior design options have become limitless today. The important thing is to transfer your style and what you want to your interior designer and leave your dream to the master’s hands. In this respect, before you start interior design, you should look at Algedra Interior Design’s previous projects, determine the styles that suit you, and even make online reviews. The fact that the materials you choose will be applied in the areas of use causes various differences. For example; Let’s consider a marble you choose because the crosscut style creates different patterns, at the same time the brightness and durability of the applied surface can be changed, you can use the same marble in bathroom tiles, coffee tables. This adds additional value to your villa. In this way, you can gain advantage in terms of cost and have your dream home.

Another point you should pay attention to in the interior design and design of the villa is the geography of your project. It is the climate and geographical structure of your region. This will benefit you in choosing the materials you should use and in terms of usage, longevity and energy savings. For example; The use of brick and wood is common in cold geographic areas. These preferences emphasize the physical properties of your home, maintaining temperature and insulation are important criteria.

One of the other important details is to reveal the color character of the space in villa interior designs. The choice of warm and cold colors is entirely up to your taste. For example; In cold geographic areas; While warm colors such as orange-red-yellow are preferred, in warm geographical regions; Cool colors such as blue, green, water green, powder pink are preferred. White-cream shades are applied in a more modern and elegant way.

Those who want to create a sense of wealth and power create this effect with golden yellow, brown and burgundy tones. It’s all about choice and taste. Of course, you need to match the color with features like the surface finish and wallpaper, or you wouldn’t want to have a boring, dark house, right?

Marble, fabric, wood, parquet, metal structures, curtains, seats, etc. Everything to be found in your home should be designed with fine details, color and texture. Another important point is that the window dimensions should be your choice for this, but where it should be placed is very important. Evaluating the sunlight that comes through from windows of your home according to the spaces will be a more spacious and peaceful design decision.


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