What to Rightfully Expect Out of Home Restumping Services

House raising and restumping is a not so common home improvement project that more homeowners nowadays are looking to get done. It is a project that you would need an experienced, certified restumping specialist.

While restumping services charge similar fees, but the quality of the work that they do is not at all the same. Before deciding which company you’re going to have to do the house raising and restumping, do a little homework; ask for references; search online for reviews from past customers who had house restumping done by the company you might be considering. Never jump right into deciding on a contractor when house stumping is involved.

Quality Materials

Using quality materials is the only way to go when it comes to house restumping in Melbourne. Although using hardwood timber is by far the best material to use when restumping a home, unfortunately, they are hard to come by.

Steel posts are most commonly used nowadays, but a bit of prep work is needed before putting the post to proper use. Correct house raising and restumping depend significantly on good quality materials, but sometimes you may have to do a little prep work. For instance, when installing steel posts into the ground, you need to protect the steel from rust and erosion.

To prevent this natural decay of material (and it will) steps are needed to be taken. First, apply a generous amount of enamel to seal the steel from moisture. You need only use the paint to the iron that will be going into the ground (if applicable) and about 8 – 10″ inches from the surface. Give time for the enamel to dry (about 4 hours) then a right amount of black tar is poured over the coating of added protection. The enamel can penetrate the steel and seal it better than just asphalt; however, the resin is more durable than enamel when it comes in contact with earth, stone and concrete.

Quality Tools

As the old saying goes — artists are only as good as their brush. The same is true with people who do house lifting and restumping for a living. Precision is critical, and one should not cut any corners. Hence a reputable restumping service provider ought to have the proper tools and equipment available to do the job safely and effectively.

House restumping is complicated work and the tools for the job do not come cheap. Merely possessing the right tools and resources for the situation says a lot about the service provider you have in mind. If they have to rent tools somewhere else or improvise, then you’d best take your needs somewhere else.

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