What to Get as Housewarming Gift

Have any of your friends or relatives bought or moved into a new house recently? If they have, you may have been sent the invite to their housewarming party. Even if you haven’t or they are not even having a party or get-together to celebrate their big move, you will probably want to commemorate their moving into a new place by giving or sending them a gift.

A waffle iron or vacuum cleaner might be tried and tested, can’t go wrong housewarming gifts. However, if you are looking to push the boat out a little with something a bit different, we have you covered with some great housewarming gift ideas.

Witty and Cheeky Doormat

Why not give them something cheeky to add to the entrance to their new abode? If they have a delightfully silly or sarcastic sense of humor you could treat them to a brand-new doormat with a funny phrase, quote or even cheesy pun. It’s a great way to help the new homeowners put their own personal stamp (literally) on their house.

Food Gift Card

It might seem like an odd choice at first glance, but think about it. Anyone who has ever moved home will know how stressful the first couple of nights in a place can be. Cooking is often the last thing on anyone’s mind. To help them avoid the stress and worry and make sure they get a belly full of good food, why not gift them a night in a nice restaurant? They’ll undoubtedly appreciate such a practical and thoughtful gift.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Although we said that the humble vacuum cleaner was a safe (and kind of boring) bet for a great gift, we decided to mention one anyway. Well, a modern vacuum cleaner with a difference, that is. Robot vacuums are the perfect gift for new homeowners who will want to keep their house stay as spotless as possible. These great little gadgets do a lot of the hard work so the new house-proud owners won’t have to.

Bath Gift Set

You could help them unwind after the stress and strain of moving place by gifting them a selection of soothing bath and grooming products. Get them a nicely fragranced bath bomb and some other treats for their skin like moisturizers and maybe even a nice loafer.

Housewarming Gift Basket

One gift that many people get people who have just moved into a new place is a welcome package. These usually consist of all the essentials you need when you are just trying to find your feet in new surroundings. Well, with a housewarming gift basket, you can go one step further. You can make their move a lot sweeter, quite literally, with a lot of their favourite snacks and goodies. Although it may not be the most practical gift on our list, it is definitely one of the most fun and definitely designed to put a smile on the face of even the most harassed new homeowner.

Convenient Brewing

As you consider novel and practical gift ideas, ponder on a product tailor-made for the busy, modern lifestyle – single-use coffee capsules. These are perfect for those who cherish their caffeine fix but might not always have the luxury of time for a full brewing process. A variety pack would allow the new residents to explore various flavors at their leisure, bringing a dash of café luxury right into their new home. They’re not just for coffee aficionados either; frequent guests would appreciate the quick, fuss-free refreshment these single-use coffee capsules offer.

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