5 People that your Family Will Need

Your home is complete with the people that live inside your house, or is it? Most of the time, we may neglect to acknowledge the people that make it easy to run the house and make things as comfortable as they are but if you really think about it, you could not do half the things you do without them.

  • A Caring Sitter

Kids are amazing and they fill our lives with so much sunshine, but Lord knows they can be a handful. Even the best parents need a moment away from their kids if only to recharge and reconnect – otherwise you end up being strangers to each other. If you are lucky, you will find that one babysitter that gets along with your kids and can handle them without a glitch for as long as you need. That way, date nighty is a go!

  • A Lawyer for Good Measure

Most people thing that lawyers are only for when something’s gone wrong or when you need documents officiated, but they are handy for just about anything. You never know when you could need some advice – say you hit something or rear-end a car on the wrong, accidentally, or are fired without noticing for not giving in to decisions you didn’t support. Find a family lawyer that can handle just about anything that the family needs. You are lucky if a family friend offers their services at a discount.

  • Plumber for Emergencies

Nothing irks more than leaks that you hadn’t seen coming. We barely pay attention to septic tanks as they are hidden from view, and so it catches most of us off-guard when they have to be drained after years of serving us well. Think of blocked sinks and bathrooms as well. If you or your partner is handy then you will handle things like a pro but some emergencies need more than regular DIY. Call that plumber now!

  • Mechanic for when the Car Strikes

Cars are our main means of transport, so you can imagine the inconvenience of not having yours when you need to move from one place to the other. Most car problems are not so easy to solve and honestly most of us have no time to diagnose engine problems when we are getting late for work or to pick kids from school – or run tons of errands. If you are like me, you totally appreciate those mobile car handlers that will come to your place of work or home and work on your car as you do other things. Even better when they can do mobile car servicing at your convenience too!

  • Friends for your Sanity

What would life be without friends to blow off steam with or just spend lazy afternoons with doing absolutely nothing? Get some family friends that you can do things with – such as monthly barbecues of joint holidays. They will become an extended part of the family and make it feel like a small community.

Do you agree that these five people or groups add value to your family?

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