Rodent Infestation can devastate your Home 

Mice, rats, and other rodents prefer warm areas over cold ones. That means whenever the weather outside gets cold, these pests start to case out homes and other properties. They can wiggle their way into holes and gaps as small as half an inch. In case the hole or gaps are smaller than that, rats and mice can gnaw on it until it’s wide enough to wiggle through. 

Additionally, rats are good at swimming. They can successfully swim through sewers and come up through your toilet or other drains! While it doesn’t happen often, it is possible. Once inside your home, these pests will start looking for warmer spaces, food, and water. The availability of these essentials means these rodents will make nests in your home or even RV and start reproducing. 

It is quite unpleasant, frightening, and disgusting to see a mouse or rat in your lovely home. Worse than that, these rodents can cause damage as they gnaw nearly anything, make nests, urinate, defecate, and can potentially transmit scary diseases. If you notice some signs of rodent infestation, it’s time to learn ways of getting rid of mice in your RV or home. Here are different ways rats, mice, squirrels, and other rodents can make your property a living hell.  

Physical damage 

Rodents can cause structural damage to your office, apartment, home, and other types of building. Here are some of the common forms of damage associated with these little devils. 

  • They can chew nearly anything that can be used in the process of setting up their nests. Be it paper, books, wood or cloth, rodents can destroy nearly anything. 
  • They burrow or gnaw upholstered car seats and furniture when creating a hidden nest. 
  • They can damage your home insulation too. Mice and rats can tunnel into insulation installed in your attic or walls to gather soft materials for nesting. 
  • They can gnaw or chew the insulation material around electric wires. This could potentially cause electric fires. 
  • Rodents can also build their nests inside electrical appliances and chew wiring or insulation. This may cause short-circuiting in the appliance leading to malfunction and sometimes an increased risk of an electrical fire. 
  • Rodents never spare any item. They can chew and gnaw into anything chewable stored in your basement, attic, closet, or even garage. They can permanently damage valuable paintings, heirlooms, and even some important paperwork. 

As rodents move around in your home in search of food, water, and other essentials, they leave behind a trail of fecal droppings and urine. This can lead to contamination of surfaces and your food. Besides, the trail they leave could mean scary diseases to you and your loved ones. Rodents leave a scent trail for other mice, rats and other rodents to follow and let them know your home can become their palace. 

Lastly, rodents are prolific breeders, and that means their populations can explode pretty quickly. As long as they can access food, water, and other essentials, rodents will always live on your home. Consider contacting a professional rodent exterminator.