What Points Should One Be Aware Of In A Moving Company Contract?

That way, after checking the company’s ratings on Google, calculate the size of your move and request your budget. The time has finally come to decide and hire the company that will make your move.

It is essential that the contract sent clarifies some information about the service by alliance moving company. The document must contain the date of transport, the route, which items will be transported, and especially the total amount of the insurance.

Finally, insurance information is critical to ensuring that all items are protected. The most common thing is for companies to inform a maximum coverage amount. Check if this value, in case of damage to your move, would be enough to cover possible damage.

There are two types of insurance, and they have some different characteristics.

Insurance Companies Perform Insurance

These insurances are highly reliable, have a higher value, and are more bureaucratic. Every moving contract that offers insurance from a third-party company must include a policy made in the customer’s name, with a registration number and telephone number. In this case, the client must resolve any problem directly with the insurance company, and it may take up to 180 days for its solution and reimbursement.

On the other hand, it is worth remembering that this option does not include breakdowns or breakages; you should check whether the contracted company is also responsible for these accidents in addition to the insurance policy.

Direct Insurance With The Moving Company

The moving company carries this type of insurance and has several advantages. In these cases, the company is directly responsible for any damage caused to your belongings, having autonomy and obligation to repair or replace the damaged item. This modality offers good security, similar to third-party insurance, but more convenient and faster. Usually, after the customer’s request, the company has a full 30 days to solve the problem.

However, for your move to be secure, check all the company data and make sure to make any payment only after signing the contract or performing the service in full.

Be Careful With The Payment

Large moving companies like alliance moving company often do not require advance payments. Be careful not to fall for any fraud! Payment must be made after the service has been provided and the contract signed by the company.

However, in some scenarios, payment of part of the change may be required before it is carried out, with an amount not exceeding 50%. These sporadic cases occur when the move is carried out for long journeys (over a thousand kilometers). It has a very high value or special needs, such as transport vehicles by truck, boards and even furniture storage for more extended periods a month ago.

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