How To Successfully Plan The Reform Of Your Apartment 

Remodeling your house can bring new sensations that you were not found, that is why you need experts like zenith design + build amongst others. And it is that being able to change the air and give it that personal touch to feel that feeling of peace and tranquility that your home can transmit is unmatched. And that is why we want to leave you these essential tips to do this remodeling with great success. Because it is about being able to enjoy a fun and exciting process, leaving aside the stress and bad feeling, taking into account the following tips:

  1. Calculate your budget: it will depend on what remodeling you want to use in your home. Depending on which one, make sure you have the right budget to carry it out effectively.
  2. Measure your space: this will help you get a clear idea of ​​space volume. To mark the measurements of the new distribution, you can use adhesive paper tape since this does not damage the paint.
  3. Recycle parts: yes! There are times when recycling objects you already have, either by painting them or adding a new upholstery, is a better investment than buying new ones and, obviously, cheaper.
  4. Analyze the environment: with this point, we mean that everything new added is related to what will remain so that the environment is in harmony.
  5. Modify the structure: watch out! If you plan to do a remodeling that removes a structural column, keep in mind that it does not damage sanitary or electrical networks.  
  6. Time to paint: if you plan to change the color of any part of your home, consider a gallon of paint that will yield about 20m2. Always before giving it a second coat, I wait at least 4 hours. The most used type of paint is latex.
  7. A great lamination: light gives life to everything! So, if you plan to add more light to your home, keep in mind that, for example, lamps will serve to enhance some part of the specific house, while ceiling lights will have a more general scope.
  8. Protection: this part is essential, as dust or paint can cause irreparable damage. That is why we advise you to cover the floors with plastic, remove the furniture or use covers.
  9. Coating: another option to consider when changing the color of the wall without using paint is wallpaper.
  10. Without a doubt: if you have already started with these renovations, review things so that everything turns out just as you thought. Do it! Because the results will be better than expected and you will see how nice it feels to spend in an environment that you like. Use the help of experts Zenith design + build for this remodeling.
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