When it comes to giving your home a luxury look, carpeting your entire floor can be an affordable and comfortable style. 

Here are some reasons why it is a better option to go for a carpet:


Carpets create a comforting environment in your house. There is nothing better than waking up on a cold morning and stepping on a comfy and luxurious carpet. Not only does this make your house warm in winters, but also saves your money as it reduces the heating bills. 

It makes it easier for your kids to enjoy their evening playing, and you do not have to worry about them falling down on the wooden floor. 

If you live in a busy household, or with a lot of kids, choosing a carpet instead of a wooden floor can also buffer sound. 

But it is important to vacuum the carpets to get rid of dust. This will avoid respiratory problems and create a pleasant and comforting environment for you and your kids. 


Carpeting does not only add comfort to your home but also is an affordable choice. It costs half the amount that you would have to pay for the installation of a wooden floor. 

Although the lifespan of a carpet is less than that of a wooden floor. If you take proper care and make sure to clean it and vacuum frequently, it can last longer. 

When you choose carpet flooring, you have to take good care of it as well. Remove your slippers when you enter your home. This way you will not bring any dirt from outside and would not stain your carpet. It is also easy to remove the stains from the carpet. Make sure that you vacuum the carpets frequently. Carpets can catch dust particles, so make sure to clean it every day. This will also increase the lifespan of the carpet.


There are so many different designs, styles, and colors of carpets that it makes it easier for you to pick according to your color scheme. You can match the patterns or color with your setting and give your home a luxurious look. 

If you want high-quality carpets that can give your home a luxurious look, ITC Natural Luxury Flooring offers hand woven rugs carpets in different designs and styles. Whether you want to change the look of your office, hotel, or home, the luxury collection of carpets at ITC will give add a beautiful look and give a luxurious touch to your place. 


Carpets make your house safe for kids. Kids run around the house, and the chances of falling on the floor are high. But carpets are not slippery, and as the surface of the carpet is soft, it does not hurt kids. It is also a good choice for the baby’s room. If your baby is learning to crawl or walk, carpets are a better choice than hard floors as they are soft, and would not hurt your baby. ITC Natural Luxury Flooring offers high-quality and naturally woven carpets to make your place look beautiful.

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