Is Carpet Cleaning in Rhode Island Bad for Rugs? A Homeowner’s Guide

Have you ever been told that carpet cleaning in a Rhode Island home is somehow bad for rugs? As a homeowner, it’s vital you understand the best choice for cleaning and maintaining area rugs, wall-to-wall carpeting, and upholstered furniture, as proper cleaning methods not only keep your home looking good but can also prolong the life of those items!

Before you put off needed carpet cleaning in Rhode Island, note why this work is so vital and when it can damage rugs and carpeting. You can then discuss your cleaning needs with or a contractor near you and know that your home is in pristine condition!

Is Rhode Island Carpet Cleaning Bad for Floors?

The only time carpet cleaning in a Rhode Island home is bad for floors is when the work is not done properly, usually by a homeowner themselves! Too often, homeowners use the wrong shampoo, too much shampoo, or harsh scrubbing tools on rugs, damaging the fibers. As with a threadbare sheet or sweater, excessive cleaning or harsh shampoos can make flooring look threadbare and dull, while harsh cleaning methods can even unravel fibers or create worn spots.  

Homeowners also tend to leave behind shampoo residues or fail to extract rinse water properly. Shampoo residue is sticky, so it might then attract more dirt than before you cleaned those carpets, making them look even dirtier before too long! Damp carpets also lead to mold and mildew and tend to break down carpet backing so that the carpet eventually falls apart.

While DIY carpet cleaning damages rugs and flooring, professional cleaning helps maintain those materials and surfaces! Dirt, dust, mud, and other grime getting ground into carpet fibers wears them down and can also unravel them. Professional cleaning removes that ground-in dirt and other debris missed by everyday household vacuum cleaners.

Steam cleaning is especially beneficial for carpets, as steam lifts carpet fibers, allowing for a deeper clean. Those fibers might also then feel more comfortable underfoot and the carpet look like new when you invest in steam cleaning! Your carpets will look better, feel better, and potentially last longer when you invest in regular carpet cleaning.

Other Reasons to Invest in Carpet Cleaning in Rhode Island

Along with removing damaging dirt and grime, there are some other vital reasons to consider regular, professional carpet cleaning in Rhode Island! One reason to invest in steam cleaning for carpets is that steam helps kill mold and mildew as well as germs, bacteria, and other bothersome irritants trapped in carpet fibers. If your home’s floors seem a bit musty or foul-smelling, steam cleaning can be just what’s needed to eliminate those odors.

Deep cleaning is also effective for removing pollen, layers of dried dust, insect droppings and even dead insects, airborne chemical residues, air pollution residues, cigarette smoke and ash, and other irritants also overlooked by a household vacuum. If you or anyone in the family has asthma, allergies, or other such health concerns, regular carpet cleaning is an excellent choice for improving indoor air quality and ensuring easier breathing.

Homeowners might also remember that dirt and grime tend to get more ground into the carpet the longer you ignore professional cleaning. After some time, carpet fibers might be so worn down and coated with mud and dirt that they simply cannot get clean, even by a professional! Regular cleaning keeps that dirt from getting ground into carpet fibers so there is less risk of the rugs getting ruined prematurely.

The appearance of your home’s flooring is also a good reason to invest in regular carpet shampooing! Even if you don’t think your home’s flooring looks rundown and dingy, you might be surprised at the difference shampooing can make, bringing out color tones and restoring the nap along worn areas. Before you decide it’s time to shop for new carpeting, consider a thorough cleaning and note if that service doesn’t offer the results you need!

How Often Should You Schedule Carpet Cleaning?

Most carpet manufacturers recommend annual cleaning, as this schedule is helpful in removing everyday dirt and grime from carpets and ensuring they look their best. However, you might increase this schedule if the home has lots of people inside and, in turn, the rugs suffer lots of foot traffic, which means increased layers of dirt, dust, and other debris.

Outdoor pets also bring dirt into the home and track it over the carpets, so the more pets you have, the more frequently you should consider carpet cleaning. Note, too, that certain professions might mean getting coated with added dirt and debris that gets tracked into the home even if you remove your shoes at the door! Dust, pollen, and other residues from outdoor work or a warehouse clinging to your hair, skin, and clothes will then settle onto a home’s carpeting when you walk through the door, making those floors extra dirty.

Homeowners might also consider one-time cleaning for special occasions or when it’s simply needed. For example, you might have the carpets shampooed before hosting a special party, or before bringing home a new baby! Consider carpet cleaning before photographing your home for sale, or if one of the kids has moved out and you suddenly realize their bedroom’s floor needs some extra attention.

Is All Carpet Cleaning Alike?

Carpet cleaning professionals usually offer various cleaning methods and solutions for different carpet materials, levels of filth, or even your budget. For example, bonnet cleaning uses a special towel or “bonnet” over a cleaning wand, to apply light shampoo and then extract it. Bonnet cleaning isn’t as thorough as deep cleaning methods but is very affordable and an excellent choice if you just need to make the carpets presentable, such as when putting your home on the market.

Shampooing removes tough stains and caked-on dirt but doesn’t kill mold and mildew. Steam not only kills mold and mildew better than shampoo, but it can also “fluff up” carpet fibers more effectively as well. Dry cleaning is an excellent choice for very humid areas and weather, as there is less risk of carpets holding moisture and developing mildew under the backing. For the best carpet cleaning in a Rhode Island home, ask a contractor what he or she would recommend according to the carpet’s materials and your budget!

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