What Is An Architectural Millwork

A house is built for a lifetime and you would want your home to reflect your personality, passion, and preferences. When you want your house structure to stand out and look like a masterpiece in itself, architectural millwork can give you dramatic results. Although a traditional art form, it can be blended with contemporary designs to give you a perfect blend of the old and new styles. However, architectural millwork should not be confused with architectural woodwork as they are two different things.

Difference Between Architectural Millwork and Woodwork

While architectural woodwork exclusively refers to the products made from wood, architectural millwork uses non-wood materials like plastic laminates. The former is used to refer to a structure where woodwork is externally visible after the construction work is completed.

This may include residential as well as commercial cabinetry work such as storage, closets, offices, baths, kitchens and so on. Almost everything from trimming, shelving and paneling that uses wood comes under the purview of architectural woodwork.

Architectural millwork, on the other hand, does not have to be a part of the house structure. It may stand out as an exclusive free-standing piece such as a rolling kitchen island. This type of woodwork may be entirely custom-built or semi-custom. This is a traditional woodworking craft that has been used for centuries to create fine details and attractive designs.

Exterior woodwork done on the outer side of the building structure also comes under architectural millwork, and this may include exterior balusters and trims. You can enhance the external décor of your home with custom exterior millwork. However, finding the right millwork company that has in-depth knowledge of the market is extremely important for a successful project.

The craftsmen who do millwork should also know about the other trades. For examples, when a company takes a kitchen millwork project that involves built-in to the structure cabinetry, they must be aware of the plumbing and lighting specifications. They must consider this before creating the drawings for production and installation. Other aspects like tiles, framing, and flooring also need to be considered for architectural millwork.

Where To Find Architectural Millwork in Edmonton

For example, if you are building a house in the Edmonton area and are looking for an architectural millwork company to take care of your custom requirements, check out some of the works by this millwork shop in Edmonton.  From moldings and decorative trims to stair rails and fireplace mantle pieces, they have 20 years of experience in designing high-quality custom millwork. They have a team of highly skilled craftsmen who use the latest technology available to produce an array of breathtaking pieces.  Only the highest quality materials go into the custom millwork projects, and the best installation team works to turn your visions into reality.

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