What is a Trencher and How Can I Use It

If you need to dig a ditch, you could grab a shovel and dig all day or hire a trencher and work efficiently for a shorter amount of time, not to mention the physical labour you save. Trenchers are versatile machines that have become a staple in any construction job, large or small, and is an easy-to-use tool even for beginners.

As the name suggests, a trencher is a machine used to make a trench. It uses its high-grade steel teeth to rip the ground in a less physically demanding way, in a shorter time, in a straight column and in a uniform depth. There are various types of trench diggers, each of which has its own application.

The two main types of trenchers are wheel trencher and chain trencher. The wheel trencher is composed of a toothed metal wheel, mostly used for rocky areas but can also be used on soft soils, while the chain trencher has a chainsaw-like design, used to cut ground that is too hard for bucket-type hydro excavators

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What Would You Use a Trencher For?

Trenchers can be used for a wide array of applications. Among these are the following:

  • Shovelling and Digging – Avoid blisters from hours of shovelling with this time-saving equipment. Heavy-duty models can even cut through concrete and rock.
  • Gardening Trenchers can make rows in the soil, ideal for digging up your garden and laying down new plants.
  • Drainage – Chain trenchers can create drainage trenches for flood prevention, sewage runoff or irrigation pipes.
  • Wires and Pipes Trenchers can help with the preparation of underground electric wires and utility pipes.
  • Fence Installation – Using a trencher can easily build the foundation for fence installation.
  • Removal of Tree Roots – During landscaping or gardening, trenchers easily snip roots and act as a rotary lawn mower.

How Do You Use a Trencher?

Prepare – Before you dig, know where NOT to dig. Make sure not to hit any existing electrical wires or utility lines underground. Also, make sure that the trencher you use is suitable for the composition of soil since low-duty trencher blades may be damaged by rocks.

Familiarise yourself with the machine and its controls. Make sure the hydraulic pump is switched off when not in use and the wheels are locked when stationary.

Dig – When you have reached the site where you want to dig, switch the auger on and lower it to the desired depth (this might take a few minutes). Dirt will be pushed to the side by the auger. Keep the gas on full throttle and control the speed using transmission control.

Move Backward – When the bar is all the way down, put the machine in reverse and start moving backward if you are using a walk-behind trencher. Debris gets thrown out in the front of the machine.

Where Can I Hire a Trencher?

Kennards Hire offers a variety of high-quality trenching machines, suitable for your trenching needs. Their team of experts are ready to help with any inquiries that you may need for your next construction project.


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