The living room is the first area your guests see when you invite them to your house, and nothing ties the living room together like a good area rug. However, rugs do far more than just that. They also help to protect the floors, as well as keep the noise level down with their soft material.

When it comes to choosing the style of your rug you want, the number of options that are out there can make your head spin. Even if you know that there are certain styles that won’t work your overall living room style, you are still going to find quite a lot that do. To assist you even further, we have decided to go over our top 3 options for decorating your space.

We selected three very different styles from the Safavieh Collection. These styles have been on the market for a very long time, manufactured with the best materials made from India, Persia, and Turkey. The best things about their rugs is that all of them have several things in common. The price points, materials, and techniques define each style – therefore, you get what you pay for every single time.

Our first pick is the Hudson Area Rug, which comes in Grey and Ivory tones. The Hudson Rug comes with a Moroccan pattern that will make your living room look completely inviting.

This rug is made of polypropylene fibers, meaning that it won’t stain as easy as other rugs. An additional feature of polypropylene is that it is super fluffy, giving you the best comfort when you are walking around the area.

Our second option is the Florida Area Rug, because it represents that warmth and tropical feeling of the state. The pattern comes with flowers in blossom, breathing new life to any of the areas you decide to decorate.

The best thing about this rug is that it comes in two different color options! You can select the scheme that adapts better to the room you want that rug to be. These schemes are smoke-on-brown or the darker brown-on-gray version, respectively. The Florida Area Rug also comes in 14 sizes and 3 different shapes, that way you can select the one that works best for the room in question.

Last but not least, we have the Retro Collection. Its abstract pattern that will make you feel like you have a piece of modern art on your floor. The canva is woven with modern colors that are taken directly from mid-20th century decor. What makes this specific rug to stand out is that it is power loomed by a machine, giving it the appearance of hand knotting.

Give these area rugs a try and see your living room come to life with the different styles and materials this collection offers! It is definitely what you need if you are looking for comfort, quality, and a good design.

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