Choosing the Best of Masonry for You

The mason is the mainstay of construction and renovation projects. For your project to be strong, you have to find the right craftsman. What’s the use of a mason? Is this the professional you need? How to succeed to choose the mason corresponding to your expectations? Our experts give you advice.

What is the role of the mason?

The work of the mason is essential. The quality of the waterproofness and the solidity of a building depends on the quality of its service. His role includes many facets.

As part of a renovation project

The mason can intervene to check the current state of the frame: problem of moisture or visible cracks. He then proposes solutions. It can also intervene to demolish or to mount a supporting element (wall, post, beam) or to repair the tiling, etc.

How to properly renovate the facade of your house?

As part of an extension or house construction

The mason is the first craftsman to intervene since he realizes the structure of the house before the other works companies intervene:

  • He prepares and realizes the foundations,
  • It flows the slab, mounts walls, poles, concrete beams, cinder blocks, bricks or elements with distributed insulation (cellular concrete or monomur brick),
  • He applies the external coatings (roughcast for example) and places the insulation,
  • He realizes the partitions, then sets the floors,
  • It can also build or maintain a non-collective sanitation system (septic tanks).

How to make your house bigger?

In which cases is the intervention of a mason highly recommended?

The intervention of a mason is recommended for all types of work impacting the structure: whether to create one, to demolish it in part or in its entirety, or to strengthen it.

Point of vigilance

In the context of new constructions or large rehabilitations, including modifications of the structure of the building, it is strongly recommended to carry out prior technical studies (soil studies, technical studies) by a design office.

What are the mason’s responsibilities on a construction site?

Even before the quote is signed and the work is started, the mason must make sure that he can carry out the work. Indeed, to the extent that the Masonry company gives you an estimate, it must have checked the adequacy between your request, the regulation (or the specific decrees of the place where the project is located) and the technical feasibility. If this is not the case, it must indicate, as part of its duty to advise, the preliminary work necessary to secure the project. This implies that the company can not charge you for additional work during the construction site as the masonry company is supposed to have identified beforehand . However, not everything is visible upstream, it is then to show dialogue and common sense.

How to select your mason?

How to know if your mason is competent? Is it reliable? Does it meet your expectations? To find out, ask the right questions to the different craftsmen met to compare. In order to help you, follow all the good advice of the experts to serenely launch you in the works with the right professional.





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