What Determines the Price of a Toilet?

You may be wondering why different toilets in Sydney have different prices. After all, they are just toilets, aren’t they? Well, you are wrong. A toilet is pretty much the same product when compared to the likes of clothes, electronics, clothes, and cars. You would normally know why certain brands of cars cost more than others. For example, a sports car would always cost more than what an average everyday use car would. The logic is pretty much the simple in case of toilets as well.

Variations In Differently Priced Products

Much like an expensive car that has a lot more features costs more than a regular car, some toilets cost more than others.

It is true that a particular toilet that is priced low would still get the job done for you. However, the upmarket toilets in Sydney would always cost much more than what a regular run of the mill would since it has much better features and higher brand recognition as well.

The Quality Of the Seat

This is an important point in the context of this particular discussion. In most cases, toilet seats have plastic seats but the quality of plastic differs. You can understand how strong a seat is when you lift it.

In fact, in the cheap toilets,the seats are floppy. Hinges are also pretty important in this regard. They help you determine the durability of the toilet in question. In the cheaper products, you would find that the hinges are made of plastic. However, in the more expensive models, it is standard to see hinges made of stainless steel. As such, plastic hinges tend to be sturdy. They can be long lasting as well. However, they do not look as good as the stainless steel ones and would definitely not last for decades like the latter.

Looking Inside The Pan

This is something that you must do when you are trying to buy toilets. It would be better if you run your hand along the underside in the toilet’s base. This would help you check if the rim has holes in it. It is these holes that are responsible for distributing the water in an even manner. This, in turn, is what leads to the flush being a lot cleaner. It is always better to do this in the toilet showroom as the toilets over there have not been used. This is known as a boxed rim. You would get them in toiletsthat are more on the expensive side.

Different Kinds of Toilets

As far as toilets are concerned there are different kinds that are available out there. The three most prominent options may be mentioned as below:

  • link or connector toilets
  • close coupled toilets
  • back to the wall/wall facing toilets

Link toilets happen to be the cheapest of the lot since in them the cistern and the pan are connected with a pipe.

Thus, as you may have understood by now, you need to be careful when buying a toilet suite.

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