Find it a struggle to keep your home clean? Never fear we have put together a helpful guide

Start by making your bed

This is a keystone habit which is going to make the regular cleaning of your luxury apartment llandudno so much easier to maintain.  I know some people think that making the bed is a waste of time, but it really makes a big difference in how tidy the room looks and only takes few minutes. Plus, I think it starts off the day well and I love climbing into a well-made bed at the day’s end. In addition, simplify your bedding as much as you can. We ended up cutting out the top sheet as they always ended up as a big pile on the floor anyway, if you love your top sheets though you can look at minimising the number of pillows on your bed or using a large enough comforter or a duvet of which you don’t need to tuck your sheets in.

Do a load of laundry per day

Depending on how many loads you’ll do a week, you might not need to do this every single day, but for us we definitely recommend going through about 7 loads of laundry per week (big family). Try to get in a habit of putting in a load in first thing in the morning. If you work outside of the home and you won’t have a chance to dry it before leaving, put your machine on delay. So that way it will be ready to put in the dryer when you get home.

Also put a load in the machine in the morning and just turn it on when you return home. Make sure you have some time in the day later on to complete the load.

Be happy with clean enough

Look, if you’re a perfectionist then it’s going to be difficult to get to a point where you can say that everything perfectly clean. You want your house to be relatively clean a tidy but that doesn’t mean that everything needs to be perfectly clean and tidy. It’s important to follow the 80/20 rule. This means that as long as everything is 80% clean then that’s enough. Don’t get caught up in the minuscule details which make up that last 20% – they are huge time suckers, and no one is even going to notice them, these should make up a part of your deep clean ritual rather than daily routine


Not all cleaning is equal, decide what is important and prioritise what needs to be done and what can wait until the next day or two. Given the time you have available to you, write down your top 2 or 3 realistic cleaning goals. Stick with these before attempting to do anything else. Making lists really helps you to stay focused.


This one needs to be implemented over a longer period of time.

But taking the time to declutter and to organise your North Wales home will reduce the amount of time you need to clean by a fantastic amount.

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