Interior Design can Improve Your Well-Being

The human mind is a complicated place; we still don’t fully understand every single thing that affects the mind. For example, even though we know that the objects in our surrounding area affect us, we are still unsure about the cause or the nature of this connection. What can be said, with a dose of certainty is that interior design truly does affect your well-being. This is where an interior designer Chester can help; showing you how to best transform your surroundings into a paradise for the mind, as well as body.

Psychology of Colours

Amongst the first concepts that people notice when they start to explore this topic is the phenomenon called the psychology of colours. According to this phenomenon, our minds respond to different colours differently. The reaction can in some cases be so severe that it can swing our mood one way or the other.

For example, the colour red evokes feelings of passion, so it is a perfect colour to heighten the senses and to keep you awake. Whilst yellow has connotations of optimism and can evoke the feeling of happiness. Yellow is perfect for your living room since it is known to promote communication, but this can also work for a home office as it can spark creativity.

Order and Organisation

A well-organised interior can have a positive effect on its inhabitants, such as making them more organised. For example, it is well known that it is much harder to concentrate when there is a mess everywhere, which means that tidiness and cleanliness has a great influence over our psyche.

More and more people are choosing to work from home, and whilst some foolishly believe this means they can work in their kitchen or living room; it just doesn’t work that way. These rooms are made for relaxation and fun, not work. Professionals are choosing to install work themed furniture in their homes, in order to trick the mind into thinking that are at work.

The Importance of Natural Light

Another ingredient that can affect mental health is the influx of natural light. Humans are creatures of light, and how much you let into your home may directly determine the mood of all the inhabitants. Obviously, you don’t wants rays of sunshine to interfere with your screen whilst your watching a film or working, but as soon as that is done, let in the light.

Sense of Personal Space

There are a great many different connotations between the words ‘house’ and ‘home’. Namely, the first is a building you own or rent, the second evokes feelings of safety and security where you will always feel welcome. If you want transform your house into a true home, you will need to personalise it. The easiest way to do this is to fill it with personal memorabilia, like items from your childhood, family photos and travel memories.

It is clear that interior design can have a direct impact on how we feel, which in the long-run may have some serious consequences on your mindset. The majority of people spend at least half of their waking hours at home, which means that a sense of discomfort might have some more significant results. Luckily, by paying attention to your surroundings, you can turn this knowledge in your favour and take control over the influence of your own well-being.

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