How to Find Affordable Homes for Rent in Subic

There are a lot of affordable homes for rent in Subic. The area is a popular tourist destination and is home to more than 104,000 residents. The municipality has seen a lot of development over the years, making this location great for business and job hunters.  

If you’re planning to move in this area, here’s a guide to find affordable properties for lease:

Consider the location

A lot of people move to this municipality to enjoy the wonderful beaches and other tourist attractions on a daily basis. This is the case with retirees who want to relax in a place that combines the amenities of city life with the comforts of suburban living. If this is your purpose, it’s best to get a property near the spots you enjoy most. To add to this, it’s also a good idea to consider short-term leasing.

Some people come to the town for work. In the recent years, there has been a lot of developments in this location. With so many new businesses popping out, it’s a perfect opportunity to find jobs. Individuals who want to work in this municipality should get a property located near commercial hubs. This makes the commute to and from work easier.


Those with families should lease a house in a village or suburban area. Most of these places will have nearby schools, which is important if you have children. These villages are mostly located near important facilities like hospitals, fire departments, police stations and supermarkets.

Kalayaan Heights is one of the most popular villages for a suburban living in Subic. The area used to be an exclusive military housing area, reserved only for high-ranking officials and delegates. In the past decades, when the Americans left the base, it has been opened for public occupation.

Look at online listings

The fastest way to find a property is to look online. This allows you to find and assess multiple houses without having to visit the location, saving you time, energy and money. Websites like have a lot of prime listings for homes for rent in Subic. Visit the website today to find a property that suits your needs and budget.

When looking at online listings, don’t forget to check the price and other requirements. This includes the monthly amortization, advance and deposit payments. In some cases, you can haggle the price if the owner is willing. However, keep in mind that you get what you pay for. Don’t expect a luxury suite to cost pennies.

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