Top Four Closet Design Trends 2018

Closets should be designed to be functional and they should be space-optimizing units, which store most of the things and keep them safe and out of sight. The more you can store in the closet, the greater is the space available in the rest of the house. We present to you the latest trends in closet designs, which make optimal use of the space available. You can check out Glenn Robertson Design for more design ideas or read this article to know what is trending at present.

  • Drawers in the Closet 

Drawers give the option of having certain items stored away in closed storage away from sight while providing an elegant and smooth exterior appearance. To strike a balance between quality and affordability, it is good to have drawer boxes made with solid wood and fitted with good quality chrome slides. While planning your drawer position in the closet, remember that the drawers will need space for opening.

  • Corner Shelves

If you do not consider the shelves while designing, there is a high chance that the corner spaces in the closet will go waste. Fitting the corners with L-shaped shelves is a very rewarding design idea as they convert the corners into functional storage while doing away with the gap between two larger units.

  • Double Up the Space

According to a survey, the number of long dresses that people own is far less than the clothes, which can be hung with shorter height such as shirts, skirts, trousers, and blouses. The latest trends in closet designs double the hanging space by fixing hanger rods at two different levels within the same space allotted for long dresses. This allows double the shorter clothes to be hung and free up shelf space to be occupied otherwise.

  • Accentuate the Back Wall

The closets are often designed with an open-back. This can give rise to a number of designing options. According to the latest trends, you can paint your closet in a color, which complements the rest of the room. You could also add a color popping wallpaper or adhesive wall paneling to give it a different look.

Closets are not just a storage unit but a window to who you are and how you carry yourself. Your clothes are housed in it the way you would want to carry them on yourself. They represent your practical as well as emotional side. When designing the wardrobe, give it your personal touch!

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