Top Recommendations for When there is a Gap Between Move-Out and Move-In Dates

Top Recommendations for When there is a Gap Between Move-Out and Move-In Dates

You’ve sold your old house and signed the purchase agreement on a new one. Unfortunately, you have to be out of your old house before closing on your new one. One solution is to store most of your household goods in a storage unit and stay in temporary housing until the closing date of your new home. Here are some suggestions for what to put in storage temporarily and what not to.

Store This Stuff

If you’re staying in furnished temporary housing, the choice is easy: put all your furniture in storage. A couple of exceptions may be highchairs or tables and chairs for small children. The chances are that temporary housing will not provide these items.

Also, put all of your appliances, both large and small, into storage. Unless it is an appliance you use every day, like a coffee maker or toaster, it’s probably best to store it. You’ll need to tweak this list to your lifestyle. If you regularly use something—every day or several times a week—it probably makes sense to keep it with you.

Store all of your clothing that you will not wear or need during the current season. Winter coats, boots, hats, and gloves should only go with you if it is winter while you stay in your temporary housing.

Lawn, garden, and snow removal equipment should also be put into temporary storage. One exception is a snow shovel if you will need to shovel in your temporary space.

Keep a few toys with you for the kids and put the rest into storage. Books, magazines, compact disks, and media with recorded music can also wait it out in the storage unit.

Don’t Store This Stuff

Keep your grooming items with you. Things like make-up, hair products, dryers, and curling appliances are stuff you’ll probably want to have. Don’t forget to keep your family’s toothbrushes, toothpaste, and mouthwash.

Bring your bed linens, pillows, and mattress covers with you as well. Your children will be more comfortable with familiar sleeping items.

Also, bring your towels and washcloths, both for the bathroom and the kitchen.

It’s probably best to keep all of your electronic devices with you, even if you don’t think you’ll need them. If they contain information that you cannot stand to lose, it’s best to bring them with you.

The chances are that even furnished temporary housing will not have the kitchen utensils that you cook with every day. So keep those things with you. If you regularly make stir-fried dishes, keep your wok with you. Likewise, keep the slow-cooker and your favorite frying pan.

The items you should bring with you are perishable foods. Even if you do not plan on using a condiment that you normally store in the refrigerator, it will keep better in the refrigerator of your temporary housing. Canned goods and other pantry items in bug- and rodent-resistant packaging are okay to leave in the storage unit unless the items are something you plan to cook and eat before moving into your permanent home.

Some companies offer moving and storage solutions in one convenient package.

By selectively storing some of your possessions while in temporary housing, you and your family will be comforted by having some of your familiar belongings with you.

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