Tips for moving a loaf from house to house

The process of moving from house to house is not easy, especially if it is accompanied by some necessary and indispensable work, such as the transfer of the clothes and the preparation of the new home for the normal life of the whole family. We have been keen to offer you some tips that will facilitate the transition process, And you have to move all the purposes without problems or troubles Here are the most important tips:

Combine all the breakable components such as glass, plates, and nich components into a safe, motionless crate.

Clean these components and pack them with cardboard each piece so that it is not rubbed or broken.

Disconnect the metal-attached components such as handles and others for glass, china and porcelain.

Start by moving the small components and assembling them in a room close to the door of the old house so that the transportation is easy and easy.

Place the mattresses and pillows in their plastic wrap, and if they do not have casings, these covers protect them from damage and holes during transport and load from one to another.

Make salon and living room components in the middle of the room.

The use of a company specialized in the transfer of clothes is the best solution to ensure that its components are not damaged.

The process of disassembly and installation of the components of the bedrooms, wheels and beds should be carried out by a carpenter or a technician who has knowledge so that these parts do not become fractured or fractured.

Do not move large components before removing them, many of their components may be damaged.

You can separate the different components by leaving spaces between them when loaded into the designated vehicle, and you can make cardboard cushions to separate them during transport.

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Preparation to move to the new house

The process of moving to the new house needs some important arrangements that should be identified, including:

Without all that you will need before moving to the new home.

Make sure you have all the important utilities such as electricity, water and gas in your new home.

Make sure that all water, gas and power switches operate normally and without disruption.

Make sure that there are ventilation openings in the house and that there are emergency street access ports with the safety of the doors and the quality of the bolts and locks.

Start cleaning floors with dust and dust before washing them thoroughly.

Prepare the bedrooms first before preparing the living room or dining room.

Always start from the inside out and not vice versa.

Place large size ingredients first.

Ways to move the nest from a house to a new home

Moving from home to home is the hardest thing for the family, but we can follow some of the steps that make this transition easier:

Relying on personal experience in the transfer of cuff may not often benefit, it is best to have a specialist with you.

The transfer process must take place after the completion of all the work in the new house.

The use of cars specialized in the transfer of clothes contributes to the preservation of the nest and protect it from all dangers such as cracks and fractures.

Heavy components should be placed in the front and lower at the back.

To protect the glass and mirrors from the fracture, it must be securely installed and be kept away from the solid components at an appropriate distance.

Attention to the packaging process contributes to the protection of the cutter

Use of cloth and cardboard as pads or cushions between pieces protects them from friction and breakage.

Removable components must be removed when moving, not moved as they are, but re-installed when used.

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