How to Choose a Plumber

Throughout your life, there will come points where you will have to avail the services of a plumber. You will wither have to get your toilet or sink unclogged, fix leaky pipes, un-block a drain and such. When the need arises, you want to ensure that you employ the services of someone who is an expert –a trained professional. With thousands of plumbing companies in every city, state and country, choosing the right plumber can be a tough task. Take a look at the following questions which will help determine the perfect plumber in Toronto for your house:

  1. How much will it cost to fix the problem?

This is one of the most important questions you will ask a plumber. You want to insure that you are being cost efficient –getting the best possible service in an affordable price range. Be wary of plumber who give you a generic quote on the phone or online. A good plumber will always want to give your house a thorough inspection before they can give you a rough estimate.

  1. Will you be doing the work?

When you are meeting with a plumber, you should get as much information as possible in regards to who will be doing the work. If they have subcontractors, they you will be able to ask them about their expertise. This question will ensure that you make clear to the plumber the level of expertise you are expecting.

  1. Are you licensed?

Every country, every state and every city as a different policy when it comes to licensing. You want to ensure that you plumber adheres to the requirements. When they show you proof of licensing, you will be assured that they passed all the tests and practical examinations thus leaving you more confident in their abilities.

  1. Do you have insurance?

You should always look for a plumber who has insurance. There are many possible circumstances in which accidents will happen and some sort of damage may be incurred. Thus, a plumber has insurance will mitigate your loss. Additionally, you also do not want to be legally responsible for any sustained injuries. So, its best if your plumber has insurance.

  1. What is your rate?

After the plumber gives you an estimate, you should always ask what their rate is and whether it is fixed or if they charge by the hour. You don’t want a bill that is out of the range of your pocket because you forgot to ask what their rate was. If they charge by the hour, ask them about the amount of time it will take and include a buffer as well.

What other ways can you find the best plumber for your home?

If you still need more reassurance, ask one of your friends or family members about their plumbers. If they have a good plumber, you ca take their contact number and employ them for their services.

Additionally, you also want a plumber who can provide emergency services. Leaks and breaks in pipes, overflowing drains and the like have no regard for the time of the day. Even if its in the middle of the night, you don’t want drainage water flooding your house. Thus, look for a plumber who provides emergency services as well.

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