Tips for Choosing the Right Land When Building Your Dream Home

Building your dream home makes sense when you can’t find one to suit your needs. Instead of spending countless months searching, you can use that same time to plan and build the house you’ve always wanted. However, there’s more to house building than floor plans and design features. You must also consider the land you intend to build on. Take note of these tips to purchase a plot of land with confidence. 

Prioritize Location

You might have found your dream section of the right size and price, but that doesn’t mean the location will suit your preferences. Think about noise, neighbors, traffic, and proximity to desirable destinations. 

You might find it easier to narrow down your options by searching online specifically for land in your preferred location. For example, if you wanted to live in Swan Valley, Western Australia, you might type ‘land for sale Swan Valley’ into a search engine to find suitable sections. 

Consider House Suitability

If you have a particular house style and landscaping preferences in mind, choosing land to suit those preferences can be crucial. Not all available lots will be the right size, slope, form, or alignment. 

Some areas also have architectural requirements, while others won’t be of the correct form to suit your orientation preferences. While it might take you longer to choose a section when factoring these points in, it can be worth it when you don’t have to make any sacrifices before building the house of your dreams. 

Don’t Neglect Soil Testing

Not all land is suitable for all structures. Some land won’t even be suitable for building at all. Don’t underestimate the value of soil testing to understand if there will be any limitations to what you can build and where you can build it. 

Soil testing can highlight potential issues like settling and cracking that could lead to foundation woes, contamination, and contracting. Being aware of these issues before you start building may prevent unnecessary headaches. 

Research the Rules and Requirements

Building houses is not typically a free-for-all activity where you can build whatever you want, wherever you want it. Most states have rules and regulations to follow. Some even have construction limitations and restrictive covenants. Being aware of these before you buy a section may prevent you from making costly mistakes.

Consider Your Future Needs

You’re building a house to cater to your current needs, but don’t forget to choose a section that will also ensure your future needs are met. For example, you might only need a small house on a small lot as a couple, but you may also need to consider whether you’ll be expanding your family in the future. 

In contrast, you might be building your dream retirement home on an expansive plot of land, so you must consider what your mobility will be like to take care of yard maintenance in the future. Think beyond your current needs to ensure you buy a section that will be fit for purpose in the years to come. 

Choosing the right piece of land to build your dream home can be challenging, especially since all lots are different. Do your due diligence, think about the future, and prioritize location. You might then improve your chances of selecting the right site for your new house. 

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