When Do You Need Foundation Repair?

Foundation repair isn’t a typical job that homeowners think about regularly, but it is an important part of a well-maintained home. Do not totally forget the importance of maintaining the foundation and allow your home to suffer as a result. Spotting the signs of damaged foundation is an easy way to call out a professional before major damage occurs. In turn, you’ll save hundreds to thousands of dollars on the costs of foundation repair. What are the signs that it’s time to call out a professional for foundation repair? There are several signs of a problem, but those listed below are among the most common.

  • Doors and windows in your home are difficult to open or shut. This is one of the most common signs of foundation trouble, as well as one of the first signs of trouble.
  • Interior wall cracks in the drywall and cracks on the outside of the home in brick indicate home settlement, which causes a shift in the soil underneath the home.
  • Gaps between the windows/doors and caulking. Settling and shifting is the most common reason homeowners experience gaps that allow heat and air to leak out, pests to come in and an indication that foundation trouble exists.
  • Patio pulls away from the home. This is a potentially dangerous problem that can and will occur when severe foundation damage is present.
  • Floors in the home slope. If you notice slight drops in the floor, it’s probably not a cause for concern. However, more than an inch of slope for every 15- 20 ft. of flooring, space is a cause for worry. Call it an expert to be safe and to stop worry and wonder.
  • Notice the basement walls bowing in? This could be caused by foundation problems and soil expansion. This occurs when wet soil expands and pushes against the foundation as dry soil pulls away from the foundation, resulting in weak areas that eventually bow.
  • Carbon fiber can be a great, inexpensive solution to fix a bowing wall in your basement. However, proper installation is critical in the success or failure of the carbon fiber strap. Properly installed carbon fiber straps will create a repair stronger than steel beams.

The signs above are a few of the most common signs that foundation trouble is present at your home. Don’t wait to pick up the phone and call a professional to schedule a repair if there is trouble. The sooner you respond to foundation trouble, the easiest and more affordable repairs will be.

What’s the Cost of Foundation Repair?

Foundation repair costs vary from one job to the next. The type of damage to the foundation, the time of the year, the company chosen to make the repair, and other factors impact the cost of the job. It’s certainly more affordable to repair the foundation now than to deal with the repercussions later down the road. Request estimates from three to four foundation repair companies before you hire to ensure you get the best prices and the best company for the job at hand.

Inspect Your Property

Regular property inspections help quickly identify cracks and other problems that need a fast repair to prevent major problems. It’s simple to walk around the home and look for the signs above or others indicative of a foundation problem. Smaller cracks aren’t as big of a concern as larger cracks, but any damage to the home’s foundation should certainly cause you to take notice to protect your home. As a proactive homeowner, saving money and protecting the home for the long haul is simple. If there are signs of damage noted during the inspection, call for foundation repair Dallas TX without delay.

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