Tips and hints for renting a house in Toronto

Finding the perfect home to move to is one of the most important tasks of any relocation. Searching for a new home is more than just finding a place to live in. It needs to fit your needs, lifestyle and feel safe. As there are so many things to evaluate and plan, fining a home that can meet your requirements, budget and feel cozy is not so easy. Therefore, we suggest you start your house hunt as soon as possible. Having a few months time to research and evaluate will make the process of finding and renting a house in Toronto hassle-free!

Find the perfect home by starting your search well in advance

Searching for the perfect home in Toronto

Whether you are moving to Toronto from the United States or are a local and want to relocate just a few blocks away, your move, just like any other, will require detailed planning. Therefore, make sure you prepare a moving checklist and find a reliable moving company. Reputable movers, like High Level Movers Toronto, can provide you with full and custom-designed relocation plans. Packing, transportation, unpacking, and storage can be taken care of for you. Knowing that your belongings are safe and will arrive in mint condition will allow you to focus on finding the perfect new home.

When searching for a new home in Canada, you need to research in advance. Be patient and willing to compromise. Think of the priorities. You need to make sure your new home fits the need of your family. Therefore, you need to know what you are looking for. In order to make the whole process of moving and renting a house in Toronto much easier, we have created a list of guidelines to follow:

  • Research. – Make sure you get to know the real estate rental market.
  • Create a list of priorities.
  • Visit the neighborhoods you like.
  • Consider hiring a realtor when renting a house in Toronto. 
  • Visit the houses and double check everything.
  • Prepare for the move.

Getting to know the rental market

Make an informed decision by researching the real estate market in advance

In order to find the perfect home in Toronto, you need to be familiar with average rental prices. Toronto is considered to be the most expensive city in Canada. Therefore, you need to have realistic expectations. Median rental price for one bedroom apartment is $2020. Depending on a neighborhood and size, rental prices can vary and turn out to be quite high. Therefore, being informed about the rent rates in specific boroughs will make the whole process of moving much easier.

The list of priorities

Proper prioritizing and compromising is the key to a stress-free move and house hunt. Therefore, creating a list of priorities should be one of the very first things you do. Whether it is the commuting time, square footage or living in a good school district, make sure you write down the most important priorities. This way you will be able to save time and avoid visiting the houses that don’t suit your lifestyle.

It may be that saving time in commuting will be possible only if you rent a smaller downtown apartment. Or that you will need to compromise with the neighborhood. Whatever the case may be, you need to be willing to compromise. Stick to the most important priorities and think of the ones that you can give up on.

Get to know the best neighborhoods in Toronto

Find a few neighborhoods you may picture your new life in and walk around. This way you will be able to get an insight into the everyday life of specific boroughs. Talk to the people that live in the area and ask them for advice and their opinion on the location. Locals can be a valuable source of information. Also, you never know, you might make some friends and get to know your neighbors even before the move.

Keep an eye on the houses that are for rent. You might find your perfect home on your own while walking around Toronto.

Do you need any help when renting a house in Toronto?

Finding a house on your own is a money-saving solution. However, having an experienced and reputable real estate agent to help you may save you much valuable time and troubles.

Hiring a realtor doesn’t always have to be the more expensive way of finding a home. Look for the websites that can provide you with listings that come with a free realtor service. In this case, the homeowner will pay the expenses and you will have much needed, free, help.

Open house visits

The house showings will, probably, be the most fun part of the process. Therefore, make sure you make the best of it. Visit only the homes that fit your priorities. Make sure you double check everything. Go through every room and check the doors, cabinets and make sure the house is in a good condition. In order to make your house a home, you need to feel comfortable and safe. Therefore, trust your instincts and try imagining living in the houses you visit.

When deciding on a home to rent, also, check if your furniture and home appliances fit accordingly. Renting a cozy house only to find out you need new furniture can turn your move into a relocation nightmare.

Moving to a new home in Toronto

After finding the perfect new home, you will need to plan the moving process. In order to stay organized, create a moving checklist and follow it. Even though you might have moved a few time before and are now relocation to nearby neighborhood, make sure you have a detailed moving plan. When moving locally, search for reliable movers and online sources like Professional moving companies will provide you with valuable information and tips on their websites. Therefore, you will be able to evaluate whether you might need any additional moving services like storage of packing.

If you are moving to Canada from another country, get familiar with the visa process a few months in advance. Create a detailed packing list as soon as possible. Evaluate which items you want to relocate and sell the ones you don’t need. Therefore, you will avoid cluttering your new home, and renting a house in Toronto won’t end up as a stressful process

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