Avoid These Mistakes While Doing a Portrait Painting

It is always a beginners dream to know how to make a portrait. It is important to capture every detail whether it is a portrait, a landscape or an animal painting, it is vital to know how a viewer perceives it when they see a painting. There are some errors which should not be ignored while doing a portrait painting. You are in a right place if you are trying to correct those mistakes that you have done while painting. Just go through the article to learn more about these mistakes before you take a brush in your hand. So just relax and read it!

  1. The Eye went wrong: Face is a focal point and the ear is its most striking feature. While sketching an outline of the ears before you actually paint it, be sure about their positions. They have a same distance from chin and edges of the eyes.
  2. Eyelid Angle: It is usually forgotten while painting, what the thickness of the eyelid must be! Not only beginners, even professional artist make this error. Eyelids are not that noticeable so they usually are being ignored by an artist. Make sure the upper and lower eyelids are of same sizesalso being sure about the thickness of them as well.
  3. Skull: It is not correct to only think about the facial features while doing a portrait painting. Do not forget to think about the skull. It can’t be cut from the edge of the forehead. Show it in good approach, by confirming its arc and give full shape at the backside and neck area of the head.
  4. Angles: While talking about angles, they are meant for angles of facial features only. You must closely observe angles between forehead and center of the nose. Angles from a center of the nose up to the chin are also important to observe, making an accurate envelope of the face.
  5. Nose to Eyebrows: Center of the nose and central point of eyebrows should be on the same line. You can make a use of a ruler to draw a light line which can help to maintain a proper distance if it’s getting difficult for you.

While drawing a painting of a model, or from a reference photo or a self-portrait, these five things are must remember. You can convert your photo to painting if you think you are not skilled. In the hurry of completing a task or due to excitement, you may commit these silly mistakes, though you are extremely talented or professional, and you may face a loss when a viewer sees it. You can check the satisfactory result after following these instructions in your next painting.

Knowing angle and distance from facial features is important to check in detail. Some artists use a technique of diagonally drawing outlines to measure accurate angles, this can also be used by you to perfectly draw a face. We hope these tips are useful for your next painting. If you have any suggestions or thoughts, do not hesitate to share and drop them in a comment section below. Have a Happy Painting!

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