Time for a New Front Door?

How can you tell if it is time to invest in a new front door? It seems as though front doors have been somewhat forgotten, due to people using their garage entries or side doors to gain access to their property.

People are more aware of the need to replace their windows, but they forget that doors will also need maintenance and replacements. Spitfire doors North Wales understand that the safety and security of your family home or commercial property is extremely important. They offer a wide range of entrance doors, specialising in installing a variety of the highly secure Spitfire Doors.

If you are considering a new front door, here are the questions you need to ask yourself.

#1 – Does your door have more dents and dings than a rusty old car?

Lots of dents and dings on a front door could be an indicator that the structural integrity of the door might be compromised. Is your home safe with a door that is easily dented? Along with the dents, there could be moisture getting in from the outside which will only make the integrity of the door diminish further.

#2 – Is your door weathered, cracked or warped?

Doors can take the brunt of a beating over their lifetime. They can be constantly slammed, kicked, and exposed to intermittent weather and temperature changes. For example, if you have an old solid wood door; it has probably seen better days. Many of these doors have expanded and contracted over the many winters and summers, so they will have cracks, will have warped and will be extremely weathered.

#3 – Have you had water damage in the past?

If you have had water damage in the past, you’ll already know that the wood has to be replaced. Most people who have experienced this issue will know that the wood will break apart and become soft, which will mean that it is not secure enough to support the door structure or to keep your home safe.

#4 – Draughts keeping you from relaxing?

During the colder months, do you have to stuff a towel or a draught excluder under your door to stop the freezing cold getting in? At least you’ve identified the problem. By replacing your front door, you will regain some thermal efficiency and keep out those annoying draughts so you can relax in cosy comfort.

#5 – Moisture between the panes of glass?

Lots of doors with glass packages have double-paned glass. Over time with older doors, the seal between those panes will fail. This leads to mildew, moisture and/or mold forming between the panes. Up until roughly 10 years ago, all residential doors had a wooden core or frame; if your door suffers from seal failure the mildew and moisture can spread to the other organic material.

#6 – Want to increase your curb-appeal?

Replacing your front door can be one of the biggest bang-for-your-buck investments that you can do to improve your home. Increasing your energy efficiency, whilst also maximising your curb appeal.

For many homeowners, the thought of replacing and making major changes especially to their front door is a dreaded thing. However, if your front door is suffering from some or any of the signs explained above it’s time to look for a new door North Wales.