Three Important Roof Maintenance Tips

The roof is an important element of your home, not only because it literally puts a roof over your heads, but also because it affects the value of your property. For many homeowners, however, it’s not something that’s necessarily top of mind when it comes to maintaining or improving the house–out of sight, out of mind.

However, not being able to take care of your roofing can cost you bigger and costlier problems a lot sooner than you think. Here are three of the more important things you should look out for when checking for maintenance.


Roofing insulation works to protect the inside of your home from extreme changes in temperatures. This is usually found in the attic and can help keep the heat inside. On the roof surface, it helps ensure that snow and ice will melt away efficiently, and not form ice dams on your roof that can damage the entire system.

This is a job for professionals, however, so it’s best that you call on services such as IKO roofing to get it done.


Roof gutters are there to catch rainwater and funnel them to a more discreet section of the house, minimizing puddles or flooding on your lawn. It also catches dead leaves, branches, and other debris. It’s important to regularly clean your roof gutters to make sure that it will remain unobstructed. Sometimes, the gutter gets so piled up with leaves and debris that birds end up nesting in them. When the time comes that you need the gutters free, it might not function as well as it should.

Regular Inspection

Roofing systems also get wear and tear with age. Some issues are easily spotted even with an untrained eye, but there are plenty of others that you might miss out on, doing your general check. For this, it is highly recommended that you get roof inspections regularly.

Professionals such as the IKO roofing team can give a more comprehensive assessment of the state of your roofing system. It’s best that you get your roof inspected during the dry season too, so they can have a better look at it.

It’s possible to enjoy your roof for a long time, as long as you take good care of it. These three simple tips are a good place to start.

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