Buying a desk for your home office: Top pointers

Given the COVID-19 pandemic, many people would have to balance work at office and home, at least for a while now. It makes sense to have a dedicated workspace at home, just to separate those hours of work from daily chores. One of the key things that you would need is an office desk. Call it a writing desk or an executive desk, depending on your profile, you have to be careful about the details. If you are in Canada, check out websites like Mobilart décor that have some stunning traditional and contemporary executive desks for WFH needs. In this post, we are sharing the pointers that definitely need your attention. 

Available space

It is important to consider the amount of space you have in the room before deciding on the style and other aspects. A huge desk is not required for any professional, who just needs to use a laptop. We recommend that you check the measurements first before sorting the styles and designs. 

Type of desk

Desk for home office can be broadly classified into writing desks and executive desks. Writing desks can have a compact design, and are meant to have a limited space. Executive desks can be elaborate as needed, with more storage and bigger tabletop. Consider how you intend to use the table and take a call accordingly. 


Traditional wooden desks are always in vogue, and it is now common to buy vintage & retro-inspired designs. You can expect more drawers, cabinets, for added space. Contemporary designs are great for homes that have limited spaces. If you don’t want the table to take up a chunk of your home office, think of the minimal designs. 


The shape of your office desk should be based on shape and personal preferences. While L-shape and U-shape offices are quite popular, you should be looking at open desks, which add an illusion of space. 


This again depends on the nature of your job. If you need to deal with a lot of files, folders, and papers, consider a desk with more storage. On the other hand, writing desk usually have just one or two drawers for the basics. Some extra storage is always handy, as you can expect to keep clutter out of sight. 

Check online for executive desk designs and select one that can allow you to work more productively. This is an investment, so spending a tad more is always okay. 

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