Splash Pad Equipment

Things Know About A Splash Pad Equipment from Vortex

The popularity of splash pads in a commercial aspect gained momentum over the years.

Whether it is a water park, recreational park, or any such attraction, splash pads draw people like magnets, especially kids.

If you’re interested in buying  splash pad equipment for a community or commercial experience, you must first educate yourself on it.

Once you understand how it works, you can find reputed Splash pad companies like Vortex to get a fair idea of pricing and everything.

What Is A Splash Pad?

A commercial splash pad is a recreational area with some or no standing water. It is also popularly known as a spray pool. It offers a fun and playful experience of water play to kids.

Splash pads are also safer and more economical for kids than swimming pools and wading pools.

Benefits Of Splash Pads

Here are some benefits of Splash pads so you know what you can expect from it :

  • Splash pads offer multiple spray settings and zones, from bottom to up, slow, fast, and more, to engage and stimulate kids for a fun and joyful experience.
  • Contrary to what people assume, splash pads are for adults as well. In fact, its versatile features can accommodate a fun experience for a person of any age group.
  • Unlike pools, it is not restricted to people who can swim or are comfortable in knee-deep water. Splash pads are highly accessible for any physical ability. It doesn’t differentiate based on strength or anything else. Everyone feels included and part of the fun, irrespective of how athletic you are.
  • Adding a splash pad to your business can increase your revenue. It becomes tempting for families and kids to join, increasing the footfall at your business.
  • It promotes interactions among people, kids, and families, and they have a great time in the physical world.

Are Commercial Splash Pads Cost-Effective?

Buying commercial splash pads has tremendous cost benefits in terms of ROI in branding customer acquisition.

As we mentioned in the benefits section, splash pads are crowd-pullers. It brings people to your business and adds to your branding strategy.

If we talk about the cost of installing or constructing a splash pad, it is way less than you think, especially at first.

It doesn’t need fencing and other security measures compared to pools, so you save a ton there. Also, it takes less time, making it cheaper further.

The operating and maintenance costs of these equipment are also relatively low. You don’t need to clean them regularly using a splash pad with filters.


Splash Pad is a water recreational area where people can enjoy water-based activities and games using advanced spray systems.

These splash pad equipment are more cost-effective than swimming pools, especially in terms of installation, operation, and maintenance.

We highly recommend using a reputed commercial splash pad equipment brand for the best experience.

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