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A Busy Homeowner’s Guide to Refreshing Home Interiors This New Year

The New Year is a time for a fresh start and self-care resolutions. Besides reaffirming your commitment to self-care, Americans consider it a time to refresh their home interiors. The interior design services market is booming in the US, touching a value of $131.20 billion in 2023. It is projected to reach $168.49 billion by 2028 at a growth rate of 5.13%.

However, not everyone has a budget to spend thousands on a professional home makeover project. In some cases, one may have the spending capacity but fall short of time to invest in an interior revamp. Fortunately, you can get creative to achieve a dream décor without spending a fortune or struggling to fit the project into your tight schedule.

In this guide, we will share a few valuable insights and suggestions to create a vibrant living environment without stressing about your deadlines and chores.

Declutter and Organize

If you want a great start with a home refresh project, start by decluttering and organizing your living space. According to Neuroscience News, a cluttered environment can cause cognitive overload. It happens because distractions make the brain struggle hard to prioritize attention. The average American home has thousands of unused things, so you can imagine the stress they create.

Ideally, you should declutter your home every month to avoid accumulation. A pre-holiday declutter and organization project is a wise move because it gives you more space and a blank canvas for holiday décor. Try picking a room every weekend to ensure that the project does not disrupt your routine. Also, organize things you want to retain and commit to avoiding impulsive buying.

Refresh the Walls with New Colors

No matter how busy you are, a paint refresh project is non-negotiable when it comes to refreshing your living space. It is time to check the trending hues for the year and get a fresh coat of paint for your home for a brand-new look and feel. While DIY enthusiasts often take up the project, it is the last thing busy homeowners want to deal with.

Calling experts for the job is the best bet, even if you have to spend on professional services. According to Forbes, American homeowners should set aside a budget of $1-2 per square foot for painting interior walls. However, the bill may be higher in cities like Chicago, which leads to increased construction costs. Before hiring Chicago painters, you should get an estimate for clear expectations.

OnDemand Painters notes that quality should be on top of your mind when it comes to a paint job. Do not hesitate to pay for a high-quality job because paint projects are often messy and cumbersome. A quality job means lasting results for at least a few years.

Try Rearranging Your Furniture

After a paint job, you can try rearranging your furniture for a quick-fix job. It is perhaps the most cost-effective and time-saving step to refresh your home interiors. Consider adding a new piece or two to differentiate the look of your interiors.

You may even swap the furniture of different rooms to create a fresh appearance. When rearranging the furniture, create a focal point in each room. Also, prioritize visual comfort and ensure enough space for the flow of traffic. The best part of this step is that you can DIY it on a weekend all by yourself.

Add Small Details for a Personal Touch

Personalization is trending in the home décor space. This year, you can add small details to your interiors to ensure they replicate your taste and lifestyle. You can do it without a lot of effort by using a few creative ideas. For example, create a gallery wall showcasing your family photographs or DIY artwork. Bring in some greens if you are an eco-conscious homeowner.

Display your travel memoirs on a corner table. Adding a reading nook to your living room or bedroom is a great idea if you are a reading enthusiast. DIY projects may seem like a lot of work for busy people, but they offer a sense of accomplishment as you infuse your personality into your living space. All you need to do is pick a project aligning with your skill level and time constraints.

Wrapping up, busy homeowners need not give up on the idea of a décor refresh this New Year because of their time constraints. You can follow these actionable steps to revitalize your living space within a short time span. As the New Year starts, take out time from your schedule to implement these measures to create a welcoming retreat.

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