The Winters and the Warm Rooms

With the arrival of frosts, we want to keep the heat in the apartment, but the beginning of the heating season is pretty expensive.We share tips on how to keep rooms warm in winter.

Take a shower or bath with the door open

Leave the bathroom open after bathing, because the warm humid air created by the hot water will help raise the temperature in the neighboring rooms.As a rule, they are the corridor and the hallway, not the warmest parts of the apartment, so a warm shower doesn’t accommodate them in a figurative sense, of course.

Bake Muffins and Pies

With the onset of cold weather, all kinds of buns, buns, cheesecakes and other pastries, as well as casseroles and roasts, are just to cheer.But do not rush to slam the oven after cooking in it all these goodies. Let the door be open to full cooling, giving heat to the apartment.

Wrap a blanket water heater

This will keep the water hot longer when using a wool blanket, for example, at least 25%. Also for this fit old cropped winter jackets, especially “Alaska”.All the same, they would have thrown it out, and they would still serve it, just for another purpose.

Cover the ventilation ducts

Heat quietly goes through the ventilation ducts, especially if you live on the upper floors. Since the holes cannot be tightly closed, equip them with special doors or a piece of cardboard.

This will help increase the temperature by 5-7 degrees.

Use two blankets in bed

Electric blankets can be dangerous and well fed from your already expensive electricity. Use a blanket, it is the warmest.And the old put a second layer on the mattress, so it will be warmer.You will be having the best options here and that is the reason you will be having the proper support here. The details are not available and that makes the whole process perfect. The options are perfect here and that is the reason you will be getting the results perfect. The details are perfect here.

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