The True Secrets for the Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam insulation is the most advanced and effective thermal insulation method. I will tell you how the spraying technology of this material differs from the installation of conventional heaters, in addition to considering the advantages and disadvantages of polyurethane foam (PUF). You can count on the Spray Foam Insulation UK services in this case.

Spray foam – what is it

Spray foam is applied in liquid form with a spray gun

Spray foam is a type of thermal insulation material. The substance belongs to polyurethanes, since it is the foam produced and the plastic stiffened. The main difference is that the polyurethane insulation is applied in the form of a liquid from a special sprayer.

Spray for polyurethane foam

The polymer is formed from a reaction mixture consisting of a polyol and a polyisocyanate. The proportions of these components and the reaction speed affect the result: the output can be obtained with a soft elastic product, known as foam, and rigid foam can be obtained.

    • Foaming factor: carbon dioxide. It is released during the reaction of polyisocyanates with water:
    • The release of carbon dioxide during the reaction with water
    • The cells of expanded polyurethane are filled with carbon dioxide. This makes the material much less combustible than foams, whose cells are filled with natural gas. An example is expanded polystyrene.
    • Foam combustion is often due to the presence of the propane-butane mixture inside the cells.
    • Obviously, for the application of the foam, special equipment is needed that mixes the components and feeds them into the spray gun. The mixture is sprayed onto the surface where it is foamed.


  • The correct application of the reagents eliminates the presence of seams, the foam covers the isolated object with a monolithic layer.


Thermal insulation defines a continuous monolithic layer

Spray foam can be obtained from a single-component composition. This composition hardens during contact with moisture in the air. For manufacturers, it is known as polyurethane foam.

The technology of applying the foam

PPU spraying is usually performed by specialized personnel. This is due to the fact that such work requires expensive equipment.

One of the options to complete the installation for spraying polyurethane insulation

Furthermore, during the foaming reaction, dangerous toxins are released and the amateurs sin with non-compliance with safety precautions: they save on the purchase of work clothes, they air the room badly, etc.

  • Lack of eye and respiratory protection – an example of dangerous amateurism.
  • For those who are ready to take all the recommendations seriously and strictly comply with the requirements of TB, I have compiled the instructions for spraying polyurethane foam.
  • spray foam has excellent adhesion with all known building materials. This is wood, metal, plastic, brick, concrete, stone, etc. But this material cannot penetrate inside, so it will not be able to reinforce the old falling plaster, cement dust or dirt.
  • Remove the old plaster grinder with a metal brush.

Before starting work, it is necessary to clean the surface from debris, dust, mold, old plaster or paint. The ideal solution would be to clean the surface with a deep penetration primer after cleaning.

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