What is a Kegel and How Can it Help My Fitness Level?

If you are taking your fitness seriously and exploring the most effective options, then you will eventually ask yourself the question, “What is a kegel?” The kegel is a concept that nearly everyone has heard in passing (even unhealthy folks), but very few people actually understand. This is a shame, because the kegel is one of the most effective and powerful exercises that you can put in your routine!

The Basics of the Kegel

The kegel is a very simple exercise. To perform it, you flex the muscles of your pelvic floor. Because the kegel involves the pelvis, it has a natural element of taboo. This is made even more taboo when you consider the positive effects of the kegel – namely better vaginal health and higher sexual pleasure.

When Women Should Start Kegels

Medical professionals say that women should start kegels in their mid-twenties. They can continue the exercise as long as possible, because the benefits of the exercise never stop. Kegels are usually marketed as part of a recovery program to women who are pregnant and postpartum women, as well as women who have bladder incontinence. Kegels can even be performed before childbirth to help with the process.

The hidden secret of kegels is that they can be done by completely healthy women, and many doctors think they should! Strong pelvic floor muscles increase sexual pleasure in women as well as arousal during foreplay. Kegels have also been associated with an overall improvement in quality of life, especially for women who have problems with incontinence.

Performing the Kegel

Performing the kegel is simple. Pretend that you are trying to stop a flow of urine by contracting the muscles that would accomplish this. Congratulations – you have just done a kegel! You can strengthen these muscles over time by doing short sets throughout the day with five second contraction periods for a couple of minutes. Perform these sets a couple of times per day, every single day, for best results.

Kegels and Men

When kegels are promoted, they are usually promoted to women. However, men can perform kegels as well, and the benefits are quite similar.

Men can experience heightened sexual pleasure from the greater control that kegels give them over ejaculation. There are also studies that show kegels can help with posture and lower body strength in mean.

The final verdict? Kegels for everyone! Take this incredibly taboo exercise and create a more incredible life for yourself with it. Think of it this way – when you do it right, no one can even tell that you are doing it, so who cares what they think?

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