The Makings Of A Healthy Home — Removing Toxic Chemicals

One of the downsides of our tech-driven society is that we are continually surrounded by harmful chemicals. Unfortunately, a home, which is believed to be the safest of safe havens, is often full of toxins we don’t even realize. So what can you do to help your family avoid these common dangers?

Becoming aware of the dangerous chemicals from our homes is the first step to eliminating them. The infographic below is a great resource for learning where to look for products around the house that are putting the health of you and your family at risk. These toxins can be found in the most surprising of places.

Some of the points made in the infographic, such as lead, are commonly known to be toxic — but we do not always think to have water pipes inspected, or make proper protections when removing old paint. Other items, such as formaldehyde in fabric, may be an issue we’ve never even thought about, but could explain the irritation of your eyes or nose that never seems to go away. Signs previously thought to be linked with allergies, may not be due to them after all. Simply switching to a new clothing supplier may be enough to improve your condition.

Luckily, products and materials with low or no levels of toxins are readily available, and the infographic makes mention of several important alternatives that can make your home a safer and healthier place. There is no need to live in constant discomfort when the knowledge is available to greatly and immediately improve your situation. To improve your mindfulness and safeguard your health, continue reading below. 

                                   Toxins Hiding In Your Home by Ambient Bamboo Flooring


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