The door lock is an essential part of any residential or commercial properties. London, which is colloquially known as the city, the “Square Mile” is not safe enough to not utilize traditional door lock.But not many people have appropriate knowledge when it comes to selecting the right door lock for protecting your home or offices. If you are stuck, worry not. We will help you out.

Reading this article will help you identify the type of lock you have installed in your home and, at the same time, understand the most appropriate one.

Now let’s define the ten most commonly used door locks, available in London Locksmith.

  1. Multipoint Locks:

Multipoint locks come in a variety of designs and have three different kinds of bolts that appear from 3 different points of the door, which helps it to secure the door entirely.

Operated by the door handle or key, but in a few cases, both handle and critical needs to function to lock the system. Not using a multipoint lock correctly can lead to burglaries. So make sure to get it right. 

Moreover, a three-place locking system provides you with a tight and weatherproof seal. It is mostly used on the external front door and outer back door.

  1. Night latch:

Night latch is a type of door lock which is easy to use and the plus point of this type of lock – you don’t have to bother to lock the door every time you leave your house.

It comes with three levels of security. – deadlocking, non-deadlocking, and auto deadlocking. You will commonly find this on your front door. Moreover, Night latch is also known as “Yale Lock” or “Rim Lock.”It is uncomplicated to use and can be easily opened with the help of a key.

  1. Mortice Lock:

This type of lock is the most reliable one in terms of security purposes. It needs a key to function both inside and as well as outside. Completely secure, long-lasting, and makes it very hard to open without a key. 

  1. Cylinder Lock:

A cylinder lock is a type of pin tumbler lock, which means that it uses pin of various lengths to avoid the lock from opening if a wrong key is entered.Cylinder locks work by using a cylinder and pins. The cylinder contains a round hole that dwells inner smaller tubes with pins. The bolt only moves when the right key inserts.

  1. Cam Lock:

Cam lock is also known as a tubular lock. You will find this type of lock on the door inside your home and file cabinets. Moreover, it comes with a push-button on the inside and a tumbler lock on the outside. Cylindrical in shape, it comes with a divided latch or a tail.

  1. Electronic Lock:

An electronic lock works with the help of an electric current. It operates by using a combination key or code. Moreover, it can also be accessed remotely through an internet connection or mobile device.

  1. Euro Cylinder Lock:

Euro cylinder lock is mostly used with a multipoint locking system and is fitted to timber or aluminum door. It helps to lock drilling, bumping, or picking. It is easy to operate and can be upgraded to chubb security lock for enhanced safety by leading London Locksmith 24h Corporations.

  1. Rim Automatic Deadlatch With Key Locking Handle:

It is attached to the inside of the door with the help of a critical locking cylinder. This key locking cylinder is used to insert the key to open the door on the outside.

  1. 1.5 Lever Mortice Deadlock:

Used for front and back door lock. They are fitted inside the material of the door rather than on the surface. 

Selecting a proper door lock for the door is very important, as it helps us to understand why some locks work better in a particular situation than the other. So if you want to save that extra bucks, it is essential to get the right lock fitted.

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