The Common Risks Of Putting Off Roof Repairs

For many, the weekly or monthly payday is a joyous but ultimately short-lived occasion. There just always seems to be some unforeseen expenditure looming, which leads you to reprioritise or put off other important elements of household and lifestyle maintenance.

Roof repairs are among the items that most commonly end up being delayed as, unless there are noticeable leaks drenching the house inside, the roof often appears to be functioning perfectly well. Here are a few of the pitfalls that can occur when roof repairs are put off.

Mo’ money mo’ problems

Let’s get this one out of the way first:delaying a roof repair equates, quite simply, to accruing more costs further down the line. Small leaks become larger, loose tiles start to breed – and, if rot has already set into your timber, it’s going to quickly spread throughout the roof.

Minor roof repairs don’t need to become major problems – so, if you know something’s amiss, sort it ASAP. Take this example of a landlord who delayed repairing a roof; not only did he have to fork out for repairs, he also had to compensate his tenants to the total of nearly £3,500!

Mould, mildew and health

In certain conditions, mould and mildew can flourish. Children, elderly people and those with skin or respiratory problems are likely to suffer most when mould is present, although anybody in the property will become more susceptible to developing respiratory problems.

Again, the cost of dealing with the problem will rise, as mould does like to seep into walls, ceilings and anywhere it enjoys living. For the cost of a minor roof repair and regular maintenance, the risk of such problems can be significantly reduced.

Pesky, problematic pests

To be fair, you can’t really blame mice, squirrels and other unwanted beasties from taking residence, if they’ve been offered the opportunity. Even the tiniest of gaps is an invitation to set up shop and make a cosy new home in someone else’s property.

Over time, pests will continue to damage the integrity of your roof and ultimately become another costly problem for you, or a professional, to remove – before you’ve even got round to repairing your roof.

Big bills and cold corridors

When roof repairs are avoided, the natural insulation and ventilation of the structure become increasingly weaker, to the utter detriment of your overall energy efficiency. Naturally, you’ll find the property harder to efficiently heat in winter – but also find that it can become too hot during warmer months. If you’ve begun to notice such problems occurring in the home, it could be time to check your roof and immediately look for signs of damage.

Essentially, immediacy is the best solution for roof repairs. You stand a better chance of identifying and rectifying the problem quickly – and, even though it may mean paying for it now, you won’t be paying more for larger problems later. Ask people for reliable companies, or do a Googlesearch for “recommended roofers near me” and take your pick from the local professionals you can pay now.This approach will save you money further down the line.

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