Tools that Every Home Renovator Needs to Make Life Easier

Home renovation, or even a simple remodeling, can be a very elaborate process. But, having the right set of tools can make the task easier and efficient. Just your usual screwdriver and hammer will not make the cut anymore.

You should make use of the advanced non sparking hand tools available in the market that can help you save time and give you a perfect finish. Whether you need to renovate your carpentry, drywall work, roof, plumbing, or demolition, there are tools that are specially designed for various purposes to make home renovation easy. Well, they make it as easy as it can be, anyhow.

Here’s our checklist of the top 10 tools that every home renovator must have in their toolbox. Beware, there is a big emphasis on the word ‘easy’ because that’s what your home renovation will become.

Cordless Drill

These electric power drills are definitely the most important tool for any home renovator and, as such, the cordless drill is at the top of our list.

Being very versatile, you can use cordless drills for your bathroom, kitchen, patio – basically, your entire house. As it is cordless, you only need rechargeable batteries to get it to work.

You should just look for three things when you set out to buy a good-quality cordless drill, including lithium-ion batteries, a good trigger control, and an easy-to-reach reverse switch. All these features can make your drilling job so much easier.

Side-cutting Pliers

These pliers need to be added to your toolbox in addition to the basic utility pliers and the channel-lock pliers. These are heavy duty and are designed to help you grip, pound, and cut.

For gripping, the spacious gripping jaws of this tool can help you grip on to almost everything.

With regard to pounding, you can use these pliers as a lightweight hammer. It also has a cutting edge towards its side that can help to slice small pipes, wires, or tubes.


We are sure that this must’ve been on your list already, but this is simply here to verify.

More often than not, home renovators require access to places that cannot be reached without a ladder. Whether it’s for painting or installation, this tool is a definite must-have.

It is better to opt for adjustable ladders that are made up of steel and has wider rungs to ensure you can stand on it for hours without the fear of falling or being uncomfortable.

Duct Tape

Duck tape can be used for just about anything. Experienced home renovators would agree that this tool is the holy grail for any DIY. You can use it for preventing scuff marks, removing lint, repairing and patching. With their tight hold and durability, they need to be in your toolbox, without a doubt.

Extension Cords

There are many hardware tools that need to be used when you start your home renovating job. Now, it is not always possible to have plug switches located near every place that requires electric tools to be plugged in. This is where extension cords come handy.

We would personally suggest you invest in extension cords of two sizes – one longer and the other shorter. The former should at least be 50 feet long while the shorter cord can be 20 feet or so.

Shop Vacuum

Also known as shop vacs, these tools can be very useful for home renovators. It can suck out debris and wood shavings from every nook and cranny of your wall or floor cavity.

They are very powerful in comparison to the normal vacuum and can handle much bigger objects. Moreover, due to their power and high capacity, it is not an easy task to clog a shop vac. Did we mention that it can also handle wet messes? Well, it can.


If you have woodwork on your house renovation agenda, you definitely need the circular saw as well as the handsaw.

With the help of the circular saw, you can make precise cuts on a wide range of materials such as plastic, metal in addition to wood. Whereas, a handsaw is more suitable for small-scale carpentry jobs. They have a cordless version also which has a compact design and is easy to use.

Cat’s Paw

The reason why this tool has made it on this list is due to its multipurpose nature. It can be used for demolition, trimming, and molding. With its crowbar design, home renovators can easily pull nails that are deeply buried in furniture or walls. It is also available in a lot of variety. The Flat Pry Surface Cat’s Paw and the Curved Nail Puller Cat’s Paw are the most commonly used versions.

Oscillating Tool

When scraping paint, cutting metal or wood, or sanding and removing grout, the oscillating tool becomes extremely handy.

Home renovators can work on either small or fast vibrations of the tool once they have understood all its functioning. Another benefit of having this tool is that they usually come with a wide range of changeable accessories.

Speed Square

This tool is actually very similar looking to our geometry set at school. Home renovators can use the speed square tool for cutting, marking lines, guiding tools, and even for laying angles on stairs and other house parts.

It’s better to opt for a metal speed square for more longevity as they are not easy to break.

The above-mentioned tools are a definite must-have for every home renovator to make their job stress-free and time-efficient. Do not forget a sledgehammer, screwdriver, and a fanny pack to eliminate unnecessary ups and downs. Also, remember to be careful and avoid getting hurt whenever you do any renovation.



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