The Best Glass Deck Railing Ideas, KW: deck railing

The deck is the perfect spot to gather with friends and family during the warm days of summer. The designated deck area is where cool drinks are served, the smell of barbeque wafts by, and where you can overlook your well-kept yard, making it an imperative fixture to your home. To enhance the appearance of your deck, installing new glass railings is a contemporary and versatile design. A few glass railings designs will surely improve your deck, just in time for summer.

Find out more about the different glass deck railing designs you can install on your deck and the pros and cons of having glass railings.

Pros and cons of a glass deck railing

Before getting into the logistics of glass deck railing installation and the best ideas that would compliment any home, you should be aware of the pros and cons of this type of railing. This will help you decide whether a glass deck railing is suitable for your home and your household.


  • Aesthetic appeal: A glass deck railing will give your home visual appeal and make it look much more contemporary and modern. Further, installing this type of railing onto your deck will add some value to your home and look appealing to any potential buyers if you want to sell your home.
  • Unobstructed view: If your deck overlooks beautiful and eye-catching scenery of any kind, a glass railing will only amplify these views. Installing a glass deck railing can show off the picturesque views of your home and will make the deck an even more appealing area to gather around. This will also ensure that the view is unobstructed and will maintain your view without anything getting in the way.
  • Durability: Because most glass deck railings are made from one-quarter-inch tempered glass, they are extremely durable and stable. It is doubtful that this glass would break from any normal stressors that might impact the glass on a day-to-day basis, and because of this, the glass will prove to be very low-maintenance.
  • Solid barrier: Although the glass will give you the illusion of accessibility past the deck, the glass deck railing will prove to be a solid barrier between the deck railing and the ground below. This railing will make it so that a glass railing can protect kids’ toys and breakable objects.


  • Price: The cost of installing a glass deck railing will be around $400-$600 per linear foot. This price makes glass deck railings one of the most costly railing systems. Expenses will ultimately depend on how the railing is installed and the kind of glass that is used.
  • Maintenence: Glass is durable enough to withstand the everyday wear and tear that will naturally occur upon installation, but it still needs to be cleaned fairly often. The glass deck railing will require a bit more maintenance than that of wood or vinyl railing because of how often it will need to be cleaned.
  • Greenhouse effect: Full glass panels are prone to dirt and smudging and will create a greenhouse effect where it can accumulate heat, making it somewhat uncomfortable–particularly in the summer.

Best glass railing ideas

Glass deck railing offers versatility in terms of design, where you can curate your outdoor space utilizing your own ideas. Here are three glass railing ideas that are popular for their style, simplicity, and the ability for creativity:

  • Standard glass railing: For a clear view out to your backyard, a standard glass railing is the best choice. Known for its simplistic but opulent appearance, the standard glass railing is perfect for any home seeking a contemporary look for its front or back decks. The standard glass railing is a combination of tempered glass, wooden posts, and top rails that is incredibly easy to install and maintain.
  • Topless glass railing: A topless glass railing is an elegant alternative to a standard railing. It allows you to show off the view without any top part of the railing obstructing it. The top layer of tempered glass will offer your home a sleek appearance that will let in the light and block the wind from ruining an outdoor dinner party. This topless glass raining will also allow you to create some custom privacy by frosting the glass or incorporating panels if needed.
  • Custom glass railing: Installing glass deck railings will enable you to customize designs onto the glass panels. Ask your glass railing providers to assist you in these designs that may include accents on the panels, your own designs on the glass, and an installation of decorative aluminum panels. These types of customizations and accent work can create the perfect design for your glass deck railing.




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