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The Best Home Renovation TV Shows

There is nothing more addicting than a good home renovation show. The intrigue and excitement over seeing a house’s before and after can have you wanting to achieve the same by reaching out for complete home renovations in Calgary.

Are you thinking of revamping your home but don’t have any ideas? Check out this list of the best home renovation tv shows – it will give you the inspiration you need to get the ball rolling!

Property Brothers (2011)

As a Canadian, you owe it to yourself to watch an episode of Property Brothers! This Canadian reality tv series revolves around twin brother hosts Drew Scott and Jonathan Scott. With one being an experienced realtor and the other a skilled contractor, these twins help families find, buy, and transform fixer-uppers into dream homes while remaining within a strict timeline and budget. It’s a solid home renovations show if you want quick renovations and strive to be budget-friendly for your ideal forever home. Property Brothers has since become a popular franchise, inspiring a few spin-off series.

Love It or List It (2008)

Are you currently at a point with your home where you’re uncertain if you should renovate it or sell it? Then this home renovation show is the one for you! The whole premise centers around a realtor and interior designer competing with one another to sway homeowners into renovating or selling. It’s a fun show to see what avenues you can take with your home and highlight what route could benefit you the most. It’s a great show for understanding the value of a home, regardless of whatever choice homeowners make, since they ultimately will be left satisfied either way!

Domestic kitchen renovation before and after.

Trading Spaces (2000)

An oldie but a goodie! Trading Spaces is a classically popular home renovation show. The idea behind Trading Spaces is for two sets of neighbours to compete for $1,000 by swapping houses and transforming a room within two days. With the help of a designer and carpenter, they get the job done, but the catch is that the homeowner has no say in what’s being done. It’s a home renovation show that’s full of shenanigans. You can see why it lasted for ten seasons, making it a worthwhile watch. This show is a good reminder about knowing what you want out of your home renovations – because clearly, it could be so much worse!

Building Roots (2021)

Building Roots is a newer addition to this list, but it earns a spot for a reason. For the most part, this home renovation show is all about building and renovating atypical but unique homes. It’s a treat to see how these homes end up transforming through innovative and creative ways to make a house stand out beautifully. With hosts based in Colorado with an aesthetic that leans towards an outdoorsy lifestyle, it’s a good match in helping to inspire any home renovations in Calgary because of the similar climate and style!

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